What You Need To Know About German Shepherd Dogs

Can anybody find a dog that is highly attentive, fearless, hard working and perfectly smart? Many dog breeds are out there but there is only one breed German shepherd dog having all these exquisite qualities.

This breed of dogs first appeared centuries way back in 1899. They were bred from local shepherd dogs. It is assumed that the German shepherd dog originated in Bavarian region. These dogs are a common presence in all dog shows and are the number one family pets.

With black and tan glossy markings, a sufficiently big dog German shepherd is one of the most accomplished dog breed all over the world. The German shepherd is featured with an almond-shaped wide ear in an upright mode to catch up even small disturbances around. It has a triangular shaped head with an attractive but ferocious look. Typically it weighs around 75 to 80 pounds and has a long bushy tails reaching half way up to the legs.

This breed comes usually in three different varieties, namely rough coated, long rough coated and long tailed. In general, as mentioned it comes with stripes of black and tan, but there are spin-off colors as well. They can be all white, all black and also blue or pale white. In fact, the all white German shepherd is a distinct breed known as American white shepherd. Moreover, this breed of dog loves to hike because they are naturally athletic. So to make their lives easier, it is better to buy them the best dog harness for hiking.

Due to its extra caliber and intelligence, this breed is one of the favorite in working for the police, in search and rescue operations, as a guide for blinds and as house guard dogs. These are very hard working dogs with great amount of devotion to the master. It has shown very keen interest in learning and practicing new skills. It is in fact the most loyal dog breed and a best friend for the family members when it is brought up as a home pet. Most of the dogs hailing from the German shepherd dog breed get along with the kids and other family members very easily and show their love and affection more often. They are highly useful as a protective force and primarily used to guard the home and people.

These breed of dogs are always dynamic and would love to do great works all the time. When you plan to own a German shepherd dog, make sure that you have enough work to be given to the dog. As they are very smart and flexible for any training ready to expertise in any skill, these are the best dogs for contests. They are the winners of many renowned agility contests and dog shows. They can be an asset for earning huge revenue for the good breeders as well, since these German shepherd dogs have a high demand in the home pet markets.

You have to be very careful about selecting the German shepherd puppies to breed. There are many online websites offering good breeds of German shepherd dogs. Make sure that you are dealing with a reputed breeder in all respects to get the best kind of your dream pet.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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