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What Makes An Elevated Dog Bowl So Beneficial For Your Pet

Dog owners tend to purchase food bowls that sit on the floor. Meanwhile, science tells us that elevated dog bowls offer a lot more benefits for our pets. Here are some things you need to consider the next time you buy a new food bowl for your dog.

  1. It Will Improve Their Stance

Animals are sort of like people. You know how important it is for us to have good posture. If we don’t have that, this can greatly affect our composure and personality. The same goes for animals like dogs. The only difference between you and your dog is that they cannot exactly voluntarily work on their stance. As a dog owner, you can help them out by giving them an elevated dog bowl. This way, they won’t have to bend their spine just to munch of their meal.

  1. It Will Help Reduce Bloating

Dogs often experience bloating when they eat too fast. A lot of people may not know this but bloating is actually quite deadly for dogs. So how does an elevated dog bowl help? It is quite simple. An elevated dog bowl encourages dogs to eat slower and thus reduce the chances of them getting bloated.

  1. It Improves Digestion

Most dog trainers would recommend that you limit the amount of food your feed your dogs. This is not just because of budgeting reasons. This is also because dogs normally have a hard time digesting their food.

You see, dogs are not like humans. When see sit upright, our food just gets digested normally. This is not the case for dogs. When dogs sit like they normally do, it is advised that they are not fed too much or else this can mess up the digestion.

However, when you feed your dog through an elevated bowl, the dog will have to stand up while eating. In that case, your pet will be just like us when we are eating in an upright position. With that, the food that the dog eats is able to get out of the body properly.

  1. It Makes The Dog More Hygienic

You are often used to seeing dogs eating while being on a bent-over position. The problem with this is that the dog sometimes makes a mess. Not only is this not an acceptable behavior but it also adds to your tasks as an owner.

You can take advantage of an elevated dog bowl because if the dog is standing up while eating, this will lessen the possibilities of any of its food falling on the floor. Other people would have to train their dog to eat more hygienically. You, on the other hand, only have to rely on your elevated food bowl.

  1. It Makes Things Easy For You

For the first few runs, bending over to feed your dog some feed may not be much of a problem. However, as time goes on, it can start to be a bother.

Using an elevated dog bowl, setting the food aside for your dog becomes a whole lot easier. So not only does the elevated dog bowl beneficial for you dog but it is also convenient for you to use as an owner.


There aren’t a lot of people using elevated dog bowls but as you can see from our discussion above, this tiny little detail can make quite a difference. Even so, don’t just purchase any elevated bowl that you see in the market. You might as well search through countless reviews for the best pet elevated raised bowls. No matter how functional something may seem, it is still of utmost importance to ensure the quality.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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