Weed Eater- Tool to Make Your Day

It is the year 2020 and we are just a few months into it where, in the beginning, everyone had great aspirations for this year and things couldn’t have gone worse with the present situation of the corona virus pandemic which has taken the entire world into its grasp and created a panic that has not been seen since the Italian flu in the 1920s.

As such, people all over the world are now confined to their homes with nothing to do except sit down and spent their time watching television and engaging in their smartphones 24/7, which was the same practice even before this situation went out of hand.

Luckily, there is a silver lining in this matter where you can cultivate your skills in gardening by keeping your lawn neat and tidy and free from dirt, which should bring in a welcome change to the grim atmosphere.

String Trimmer

The best gardening tool to help you out in this task is the string trimmer, which is similar in looks to a lawn mower as its job is the same as that of its more erstwhile counterpart, which is to cut off the overgrown grass in the gardens and fields.

Before getting into the discussion, it is to be kept in mind that there are numerous factors that make gardening to be an interesting task and not many people are interested in it at first glance.

A string trimmer falls in the same category because the general perception of man is that he is quite lazy and wants more able people do to everything for them and gardening does not arouse interest due to it being so tedious and time consuming.

As mentioned above, now is the perfect opportunity to cultivate your gardening skills and trimmer is just one of the many tools that are going to act as the precursor for lawn mowing.

It was invented in 1971 and quickly captivated the farmers as they now had a reliable tool to do away with grass that was far more advanced than the then old fashioned lawn mowers were.

It is with good reason that they have been given the moniker ‘weed eaters’ due to their well endowed technique of cutting off grass with such swiftness that the onlookers are astonished at the spectacle.

Gas Vs Electric

Now it is known that string trimmers are of two types- gas and electric and both have their own significance to make gardening an art and so it is necessary for you to know a little more about it.

Gas trimmers are the ones that are cordless in nature and therefore can be considered the more versatile of the two where apart from cutting grass, it can also help out in pruning the plants and flowers to make them grow better.

In order to do that more effectively the engine of these trimmers need proper maintenance and a regular mixture of oil and gaseous substances to make them work at high speed.

The best usage for them would be for people with large houses where the gardens and lawns are spacious enough to accommodate a lot of greenery so as to give it the feel of a botanical greenhouse which would be a nice experiment.

Electric trimmers are a bit different because they are both battery oriented and come up with strong cords in the various models irrespective of the brand value and standing in the market.

They are best for handling normal tasks such as trimming down the grass similar to a haircut but limited to gardens and lawns that are smaller in size and not too well maintained for a long time.

Best Weed Eater

For choosing the best model you need to clear the following points:

  • You need to buy the trimmer that is best suited for your lawn with the right size and shape
  • The time period taken by the trimmer has to be gauged before beginning the task to follow the best trimmer lines of garden maintenance
  • The trimmer’s maintenance cost has to be taken into account as generally most trimmers are quite expensive and need to be well taken care of
  • Being an outdoor equipment, it needs to be kept safe and secure so that children do not touch it or outsiders may not think of stealing it


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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