Warhawk For Playstation 3 Gets Trophies Support and Custom In-Game Music

The popular Playstation 3 online multiplayer game, Warhawk, is getting trophies support and custom in-game music. Additionally, you can enhance this with You get a boost in your rankings and levels with this service. You can even climb up in world rankings. This is a really affordable service that allows you to chat with other players in real-time.

Released in August last year, Warhawk was initially a full game with both single and multiplayer elements. The single-player was dropped due to problems in development. As a result, Warhawk is completely multiplayer-focused. Another unique aspect of the game is that it was the first title to be released on Blu-ray and the Playstation Network.

Despite the lack of a single-player campaign mode, Warhawk became an instant hit thanks to the addicting multiplayer modes. The game provided hours of chaotic fun whether if you are fighting by foot, on wheels or by air. Warhawk got a respectable 84 average Metascore at

The developers of Warhawk did not stop their support for the game at release. Through free updates and paid expansion packs, it is continually evolving. Since its debut, Warhawk has gotten new maps, modes, weapons, and vehicles. Although the game is a year old, the servers of the game are still jam-packed with players.

Warhawk v1.5, the latest free update, will bring several new features that will once again spark interests in the game. Perhaps the biggest feature is the support for trophies. Players can unlock up to 56 trophies provided they bought all the expansion packs.

Some of the trophies are retroactive, meaning that you will earn them automatically if you meet certain requirements from your prior playthroughs before the update. The game will read your stats which are saved on Warhawk’s servers and assigned you the appropriate trophies; so you can’t just download another player’s save file and expect to get trophies without any hard work.

The second biggest feature is the inclusion of the custom in-game music, one of the first Playstation 3 games to do so. Warhawk will detect if you turned the XMB music player on and will be able to mute its own game music.

Another big feature is the tutorial mode. One of the biggest complaints about Warhawk, when it was released, was that it lacked any guidance. Players needed to take their lumps as they learn the ropes to a pretty complicated game. The new training tutorials will help ease the transition for beginners while veterans can play the same modes to earn several trophies.

Warhawk v1.5 also contains several small updates. Beginners can now spot the official rookie servers easily with the green color scheme. In addition, you can now retract clan invites. Finally, Warhawk v1.5 will include new content including paint schemes, insignias and a special knife (exclusive for those players who participated in the Warhawk tournament).

Warhawk v1.5 will be released on the 27th of August. The third expansion pack, Operation: Fallen Star, will be available on the next day for $7.99.



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