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Wanderlust: The Never Ending Need For Travelling At The End Of Winter

It’s been a long and dreary winter, time for a spring break. Do we go to the local spa for a day of relief, maybe to a fancy restaurant for an elaborate meal? No we make travel plans. Las Vegas, Corpus Christie, Bermuda, all good possibilities. Stuck in a snow bound seemingly endless winter, it’s time to break free and travel.

What’s behind this need to get away, this need to have new experiences. Is it a genetic defect that forces us to leave the security of our own little safe world and venture to new locations?

Mankind started traveling as far back as the point they stood erect on their own two feet and discovered they could travel a good distance by simply walking in a straight line. Repeating this same activity, day after day, humans have discovered the excitement of new destinations. It’s only a matter of moving down the road, or be it path, of life a bit further each morning.

Archaeologists have declared that North America became inhabited when early man walked the land bridge from Russia to Alaska, before the Bering Sea water levels rose to strand them in the New World.

Spreading throughout the Americas, and populating the remaining continents of the world. With winter weather being a serious factor to their survival, mankind progressed southward to find adequate food and shelter.

In the animal world, many habits are instinctive. A new born immediately looks to it’s mother for nourishment. Seeking shelter from the elements is instinctive, searching out food sources is instinctive. Is the need to explore new locations a genetic characteristic that has evolved over thousands of years? Forcing people to follow a deep inherited calling, that has been somehow transformed into a need to travel.

Maybe it’s more akin to a dissatisfaction with the status quo. Neighbors or relatives creating stress in your life, a job that isn’t providing satisfaction, enough financial gain, or just wears you out. A desire to expand your horizons, find a whole new set of circumstances. Just step away from the now and move on to a new reality.

Whatever the reason, mankind will continue to travel, to change his surroundings. Whether it be for the better or worse doesn’t really matter, it’s the change that’s intoxicating. Knowing that the old will be left behind, and new unknown opportunities are just around the next corner. The nomad in most of us will take control, it’s an urge that can’t be ignored. Some will be satisfied with an annual excursion to a new, or different location. An escape from the routine of life. The clothing of the travelers should be as per the climate of the country. The purchasing of the diapers should be from best backpack diaper bags by The quality of the diapers for traveling will be excellent from the website.

Others will spend a lifetime wandering from one local to another, searching for something they can’t describe. Not knowing if they will ever find that one place that might hold their interest. At the end of their wanderings they may finally realize, what they were really looking for was found in the experience of the search.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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