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Virtual Assistance the Wave of the Future

Who would have guessed that about 30 years ago around the 70’s, that the world we live into today would be as far advanced as we are. Almost all communications like cellular phones, faxing, e-mails, the Internet, etc. is all being done practically wireless and with so much ease.

Most companies or business uses every technology known to humankind today. EXCEPT IN ONE AREA. For example: What if you worked in the Human Resources or Personnel Department and you get a call first thing that morning as soon as you reach your desk? It is one of the secretaries from Accounting and he or she will not be able to make it in that day, due to a sudden family emergency.

Now, in most cases what would the Personnel Director do? She would call a Temporary Agency, probably one that your company has used in the past. Being that all this is taking place last minute, the Temporary Agency has to send you someone that is available on such short notice. All you can do, at this point, is hope they send someone competent enough to handle the job.

Just like with everything else you can get whatever work assignments, work projects, etc. done right over the Internet. It is called Virtual Assistance Services, most services have all the hardware an office has and can do just about any clerical task asked of them. Almost as if they were right there in the office. With VA services, it is just as easy as going on to the Internet and going to one their Web Site and submitting a Work Order Form. You will probably get a call or e-mail to get further instructions on what needs to be done. They also have an excellent work record for meeting deadlines.

I feel the best part about VA services is that we are very efficient, cost effective, and time saving. They do not charge by the hour. They charge according to whatever work assignments need to be done. After all the work is completed and of coarse approved by the client, it then gets sent out and you the client will receive an itemized bill with a price list attached. Liberica coffee wholesaler will charge the amount that will be considerable for the budget of the person. A comparison can be done among the various sellers to enjoy the benefit. 

When you hire a Temporary Worker through an agency, it does not matter if you might have only four assignments that need to be done that day. With Temp. Agencies, you still have to pay for the full eight hour shift, even if she is finish her work in three hours. Not only do you have to pay the Temp. workers wages but also the agencies percentage. This why their hourly fees are so excessive.

I feel in the future, when your assistant or secretary goes on a vacation, needs a sick day, takes a personal day, goes out on maternity leave, or you’re a small business not in need of a full-time assistant as of yet. This is when our services will become useful to you. We could never claim being able to replace a full-time assistant, but on a short-term basis, our services would be perfect and a lot less expensive then any temporary service or agency. For this, I am sure. The only thing a VA service is not be capable of doing is having your morning cup of coffee ready for you when you arrive at the office.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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