Using Your Horoscope for Greater Self Understanding

Aren’t the exact same stars over everyone’s head? Why is he or she any different from me because their date of birth is different from mine? I have never seen proof that the stars have anything to do with an individual’s fate. These are the usual objections made by the less informed and those not acquainted with the procedures involved in casting a horoscope. Our stars do rule us, and please make note that I made the comment, our stars rule us, not, the stars rule us. Yes the exact same stars are over everyone’s head. However, these stars are not in the same alignment when each individual is born. It is the alignment of the heavenly bodies at the precise moment that you are born that determines your horoscope.

Planetary alignment, the gravitational pull on the other heavenly bodies, the time of day, the longitude and latitude of your birth place, the month of the year and the day of the month all coincide to establish your stars and your horoscope. Each of these factors reveals the native’s most beneficial planets, and the departments of life in which success is most likely to happen. By the way, you, the individual the horoscope is charted for, are the Native. This title is not meant to be belittling. A horoscope is sometimes referred to as a Nativity, and the person whose data is used is referred to as the Native.

The rays from the planets that are located over the place of your birth and under the place of your birth tend to bring prominence and calamity to your life. Knowledge of one’s beneficial planets and there departments of life and their negative counter parts, enables you to exercise power, faith, and will when it is truly needed. Insight rightly used is paramount to self understanding. The ability to penetrate to the heart of a difficult situation and discover the adjustments that you need to make, initiate the corrective action and avoid error is the type of internal awareness you gain from reading and careful analysis of your horoscope chart. The use of the kundli matching should be done to get the right results. Some adjustments can be done to meet with the requirements. Proper awareness should be there about the planets and astrology with the person. A complete analysis should be there to get the right results. 

When you master interpretation of your horoscope and compare yours with some one else, you will see that two individuals, born in the same location, a few minutes a part, can and generally do have remarkably different horoscopes and it does make a real and crucial difference in their fates. In the case of twin brothers born ten minutes apart, the difference was so significant that with one there was exceeding financial success, while the other was a dismal failure. Are not the same stars over us all? Yes they are, but the same star does not shine upon us all.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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