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Use Social Media to Solve the Problem in the Gulf

With the abundance of technology in this country coupled with the abundance of oil gushing into the Gulf (5,000 barrels – 1 barrel = 42 gallons – a day), create a reality show called Green Technology. The first season (or however long it takes to find a truly long-term solution) will be dedicated to cleaning up the Gulf as well as providing preventative measures so that I don’t have to witness a third, fourth, nth power episode of more oil spilling into the Gulf during my lifetime.

The cause of this problem needs to be addressed. Although, in this situation I believe that the problem can be solved without the back story and definitely needs to be solved before much more damage is done.

The host doesn’t have to be cheesy and flashy, in fact it should be someone charming and extremely intelligent (one of the two qualities is fine since they’re not the center of attention).Now that I’ve babbled about it, I don’t think the show needs a host as long as the judges don’t sound like sleeping pills. But if they do sound like monotonous douche bags, let me suggest Al Gore, but he is busy. Bless his heart. The host could be a revolving position in order to keep the public tuning in and in turn learning just how important the environment, the world that we live in is more important than with whom so and so is banging this week. Green Technology will focus on hiring a panel of qualified individuals: Engineers, Scientists, and Inventors, who will be responsible for dissecting and determining if any of or simply parts of the solutions are plausible and should be carried out. Participants agree to sell their solutions for a flat chunk of change (in my opinion, this money should come from BP first and the wealthiest 10% as a last resort).

We are killing the natural inhabitants of the world that we all share. So many plants, animals and otherwise, that may never recover, that will be rendered extinct before they were even acknowledged. I am including myself in that “we” since we, the people, are supposed to be smart enough to look at for everyone, not just every one….dollar bill. We have the power in our hands in the form of technology such as our smartphones. If we can buy instagram followers, we can also make a difference and influence other people to stand for what is right.

It’s ignorance that keeps this cycle continuing because we’re coming up on the 70th notable oil spill since 1940. Seriously. We have so much red tape that adding more legal mumbo jumbo is not the answer. People have to spend so long getting slapped around that they not only forget where point A was but end up seeing multiple point B’s.

So it’s been about a month since BP has been trying to stop the leaking oil well. The government can afford to step in and I believe this is the solution. This is only way to step in, while stepping outside of the box and searching for any and all plausible solutions while reaching middle Americans who may have the knowledge yet lack the resources to reach the masses.

The judges will have the ability to accept any and all ideas in whatever forms available and ensure that the finalists are able to have minimal expenses paid to and from, as well as during, the competition process. If necessary, this show can have several different audition areas spread throughout the United States and if it becomes as popular and productive as I believe it has the potential to be, then the show can expand internationally.

Why wait for the show. Start posting your comments, concerns and ideas for solving this problem and preventing it from ever happening again right here!


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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