Tutorial: How to Become a Werewolf in the Sims 2

I have been playing the Sims ever since the original game came out. It was only natural that I follow my obsession and pick up the Sims 2, along with every expansion pack ever made.

When the Sims 2 Pets hit the market I was one of the first fans to grab a copy. I knew that this new expansion pack would hold some sort of hidden secret, like nearly every other expansion pack…only I had to figure out what the secret was. The launch of Pets in the game Sims 2 is quite a popular aspect of the game as there are several pets such as dogs and cats that you can own and you can even with a little tip can turn into a Werewolf which is quite cool for SIMS 4 Mobile version of the game.

I pretty much knew every secret in the game, yet the werewolf was the one thing I could not figure out. I knew how to become a witch and preform evil magic or good magic. I knew how to become a vampire, and I knew all about turning my Sims into green plantism people. Yet, I had not a clue on how to become a frigging werewolf! It was frustrating to say the least.

The first thing I noticed about the new pets expansion pack was of course the addition of pets. However every other night I noticed something extremely odd visiting my Sims lots. A dog with glowing eyes.

This dog though looked stupid, and even though I knew there were werewolves in this new pet’s game pack, this dog and his glowing eyes did not resemble a wolf, so I scratched it off as a stupid dog with some sort of dumb issues. Perhaps it was rabid, or a stupid dog NPC made by Maxis for fun.

Also my Sims would sometimes have in their daily goal boxes ‘want to see a werewolf’, and there would be a picture of the wolf. This dog with the glowing eyes didn’t look like the picture in the Sims image boxes, so I never thought twice about it.

I ignored this ugly looking dog for so long, and all along this dog with glowing eyes was the key to me discovering the werewolf aspects of the game. I had no clue that befriending this dog was the only way to become a werewolf Sims!

Once I established a friendly relationship with the dog, he eventually nipped me, which in turn turned me into a Sims werewolf.

After being nipped, my Sims then took on a new physical form. I didn’t walk on all fours, but my Sims grew hair all over his face, arms, etc.

For years I had no clue that this was how to become a werewolf! Yet here I was, after just a few interactions with this odd glowing eyed dog, a werewolf Sims!

So, In order to become a Sims werewolf, all you have to do is establish a friendly relationship with the dog with glowing eyes, and eventually he or she will nip you. Your Sims is now a werewolf!

Hoooowwwwllll….bark at the moon!!!



Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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