Top Gucci’s Designer Fashion Handbags 2019

Gucci is one of the most popular brands in the world of fashion. One of the contributing major factors to its success is the fashion handbag that it offers to the market that seems to be loved by a lot of people across the globe. Whether you are planning to buy for your own self or as a gift to your loved ones, Gucci handbags may be on your consideration. Gucci bags may seem expensive, but looking at the quality of the materials used and the hottest styles and designs, you’ll definitely agree that Gucci bags are worth your money. To help you out, here are some of the best designer fashion handbags of Gucci.

Bamboo Bag

One of the main reasons why Gucci is on its success today is because of its strong innovation system. When the bamboo bag was introduced in the market, wartime rations were making it hard to locate the finest materials to craft such bag. Hence, bamboo bag is one of the hottest style bags that you can buy from Gucci. Its unique materials and design are the reasons why it is the trend today.

Queen Margaret

If you are looking for one of the must have Gucci bags among fashionistas and handbags fanatic, then Queen Margaret is definitely the best choice you can consider. This type of handbag has a combination style of new and old designs.

GG Marmont

GG Marmont is another designer fashion handbag that seem to be the trend today as well. A lot of celebrities like Siena Miller is using this bag. GG Marmont is usually designed as backpacks and belt bags. And since a lot of celebrities approve this design, it is definitely a great bag to buy.

Jackie Bag

Timeless and evergreen is how Gucci’s Jackie bag is described by a lot of people. This handbag has fancy and modern styles and designs. The good thing about this bag is that you can carry almost everything you need in it and at the same time, it projects an utterly elegant structure.


Just like Queen Margaret, Dionysus of Gucci also projects a combination of the old and new styles. This is also a good investment because of its anachronistic characteristics. This bag comes in different styles and designs.

Sylvie Bag

Slyvie bag is one of the latest additions of Gucci in its classic bags category. This bag comes with a top handle that features a nylon web embedded under the Gucci signature leather. The bag comes in 7 different colors so you can have an array of options.

Padlock GG Supreme Bag

Padlock GG Supreme bag comes also in different colors. The good thing about this bag is that you can easily change the top handle to a shoulder bag. It is also one of the best designer bags to invest in especially for people who love small bags.

Nympahaea Top handle bag

Lastly, Nymphaea bag is another model that you may wan to consider. It features a bamboo top handle with soft light pink and black leather in monochrome designs. The bag also projects elegance and class.

For more information about the best designer fashion handbags of Gucci, you can read this guide for specific details and prices in the market.


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