The Value Of Limited-Time, Special Bonus Offers In Internet Marketing

How many times have you opened a newspaper and saw an ad for a special sale? Did you ever notice the time offers? Of course, we have all seen these, and most of us have scrambled to the store before the deadline if we were already thinking of buying one of the products on sale. Yet, surprisingly, Internet marketers seem to neglect this valuable profit-boosting technique. In my testing, I have seen that it does, in fact, increase sales, and using this technique may be even more important on the Internet (especially in affiliate marketing) due to massive competition online.

In the vast majority of sites that I have visited, there is simply no call to action using this technique. Most marketers have gotten pretty good at spelling out the benefits of their offer, but simply spelling out the benefits is often just not enough to set yourself apart from the competition. Deadlines are almost the perfect call to action. When people are afraid they will miss out, it is just human nature to be pushed off the fence and into their wallets. That is why it is important to be very observant and aware of the true neaning of an marketing activity. For info about Affiliate Institute look on Youtube.

However, there are right ways and wrong ways to use this technique. Some shrewd but unethical marketers have taken to using a script that constantly warns the visitor that the price is going up if they do not order within a certain time. But if you close that website and go back to it, you end up seeing the very same message all over again, even if it is several days later. Understand that most customers do not buy on the first visit. Why a marketer would risk losing all their credibility with one of these scripts is beyond me, but I guess some people simply have no ethics.

Some website owners run a special where they lower the price for a set period of time, like three days or one week. These can certainly be effective, but I don’t recommend them for Internet marketing sales made by the actual owner of the product. The reason for this is most marketers nowadays are shrewd enough to build a list. What happens online is that previous buyers of the product will be on the list that receives the special offer. When those previous buyers bought at a higher price, many tend to get upset. In the offline marketing world, less previous buyers are even aware of a sale.

Instead of lowering the price, I recommend that actual owners of Internet marketing products offer some other special bonus for a limited time. Bonuses that tend to increase sales are usually those that are very relevant to the main product being sold. I have seen some people offering completely irrelevant bonuses and later admit that many people complained about such a bonus.

An example of a bonus for a PLR product would be additional PLR content never previously released by the owner or anyone else. You want to make the website visitors feel like they are actually getting something unique, valuable, and relevant. I have seen gobs of websites that offer bonuses. In fact, the standard sales letters out there even have a specific space near the end of the letter where the bonuses go. But those product owners often put overexposed bonuses in their sales letters and campaigns. The more unique the bonus you offer, the more generally likely it will increase sales.

Also note that, while bonuses alone do increase sales, most owners put the standard bonuses in their sales letters and then neglect to put a time limit on these bonuses. Of course, you can have the standard bonuses and then add a special time-limited bonus from time to time.

Of course, affiliates have no power at all to change the prices of the products they promote, so affiliates can really only create their own bonuses. Do not let the affiliate program do all the selling for you. You need to set yourself apart from all the other affiliates in the same way the owners need to set themselves apart from other product owners.

Affiliates are notorious for giving overexposed bonus products. It is not that hard to create a bonus. If you need someone to write the bonus for you, there are heaps of people that can write it for you. Just search for freelance writers or ghost writers online to find them. Also never fail to instruct the buyers to send you a receipt when you are an affiliate. Otherwise, you will get lots of little scammers that will claim they bought the product and be emailing you for the bonuses. Never deliver a bonus until you see a receipt.

Keep in mind that competition is super stiff in Internet marketing. Whether you are a product owner or affiliate, start setting yourself apart by offering unique, valuable, and relevant bonus offers in your marketing campaigns. In addition, put a time limit on these bonuses even if the sales letter already has separate bonuses. You need to get visitors to act quickly, so give them the call to action they need to make a buying decision.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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