The Use Of Punch List In Construction

If you are going on a construction project, or currently undergoing one, you should know what a punch list is, and how it is being used by contractors. But before going to how a punch list is used, we must first talk about punch lists.

What is a punch list?

A punch list is a file that is created close to the conclusion of a construction project that records the completed tasks that do not follow the contract requirements. Anything listed on a punch list must be completed by the general contractor preceding proceeding to the final settlement. The job may consist of unfinished or wrong installations or accidental damage to work that was already done, such as materials, finishes, as well as the building itself.

The list is normally prepared by the architect, the owner, contractor, or the designer of the building once a visual tour of the project is done.

Punch list use as a contractor

As the contractor, you must consistently put first the demands of your customer. Always be completely ready to guide the customer throughout the construction location and speak about the outstanding chores on your punch list. Also, be sure that you have carefully analyzed the construction location prior to the appointment with the project proprietor. When the owner or the client visit, it is ideal that you can show every single one of the items listed on your punch list. If that is not possible, then at least work to show most of them or even only the most important works.

In addition, work hard and be sure to carefully along with your subcontractors to be able to identify as well as prevent expensive errors or any misuse resources. You should have an eye for detail and must be prepared to deal with the smallest problems throughout the construction process because it is the key to being an effective contractor.

Punch list use as the owner or client

As the owner or the client of the construction project, you should make sure that the project is going well by consistently overlooking the development of the project. This is particularly important when the project is close to being done. Put additional attention on examining the progress of the construction and be prepared to question contractors as much as you can. Usually, a contractor will organize an appointment with you to be able to explain to you the punch list and work on the items that should be listed. Prior to attending this meeting, ensure that you have carried out your research and that you are completely conscious of the needs of your construction project.

Construction softwares with a punch list

The Best Bidding Software for Construction comes with a punch list since a punch list is a highly important thing when it comes to construction projects. Do not use a bidding software, or any other software intended to assist you in your construction venture if it does not have a punch list function.


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