The Secrets of Natural Cures

An Irish proverb says that ‘ a good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. ‘ There is a wisdom behind this very quote. The illness of the physical body is like a mirror to what the person feels inside. No wonder why happy people are less likely to get sick than their sad counterparts. If conventional healing offers the best cure, then, why are there still plenty of cases when the patient has found healing on his own? Placebo effect? Powers of the mind?

There is still a great mystery in how the mind works. When people say, ” mind over matter, ” what they meant is that our mind has the power to change our own realities, including our very own health. If you believe you are sick, chances are, you will be, sooner or later. Our bodies have the ability to heal itself, no doubt. Yet, we are the very own hindrance to this process by having an unhealthy diet, bad lifestyle choices, toxins from our surroundings, and mostly – relying on synthetic or chemical substances for our healing. We are part of the nature we seek to alienate ourselves from and nature is where our healing lies.

The Forbidden Cures They Never Tell You About

For whatever reasons, these natural cures have been kept hidden from us. Most of these are not as costly as your conventional treatment, and may be just as effective. Yet, many of these have been labeled as ‘lacking research or proof’ to make its healing claim. Know that your body’s immune system is your key to healing and the use of drugs or vaccines may just wreak havoc on the natural healing process.

  1. Oxygen Therapy

Your body needs oxygen in order for it to function well and most of the time, your lifestyle and those toxins inside you doesn’t allow for good oxygen to flow to all of your cells, tissues, and vital organs. Oxygen therapies can detoxify you, as well as help reduce your risk from a stroke. Recovery from it are remarkable with this type of therapy as well.

  1. Bio-Electric Therapy

Have you ever heard of magnetic healing? Probably not. This is not relatively new as the genius Nikola Tesla has made an invention on how electric and magnetic fields can promote great health. This type of therapy has something to do with how the Earth’s magnetic field affects your very own body. Thus, there are people who wear collars or bracelets that act as an antennae that boost the energy from the cosmic waves and used for healing on the affected body parts.

  1. Blood Electrification Therapy

Dr. Bob Beck has invented a curious device called the ‘ blood electrifier ‘ which has been said to aid thousands of patients suffering from cancer, chronic fatigue and even AIDS. Still, mention of this treatment has never been exposed to print, TV, or radio. The blood electrifier unit has been said to boost the body’s energy levels and immune system, specially in the fight against autoimmune diseases – be it a virus or a bacteria.

  1. Nutritional Therapies

You are what you eat, no doubt about that too. Yet, we are still bombarded with foods that are truly bad for us. Why is there no ban placed on these foods in the first place? Is it all for the sake of profit? Freedom of choice? When something is made of natural and organic resources, there is always the ‘no approved therapeutic claim’ label. Do we really have to eat or drink all those synthetic stuff?

  1. Urine Therapy

This may be a taboo on this list, but urine therapy focuses on urine.. as the water of life. It can be an icky thing to do, but there were people who drank their own urine and survived the life-threatening disease they had. John W. Armstrong may have struck a nerve on this practice, but he believe that urine is full of antibodies that can enhance the immune system. Even rubbing old urine will clear up the skin.

There are still many natural ways of healing that are completely hidden from our knowledge and it is up to us to find our way back to natural health. Learn your and strive to be happy, always. The cure for disease may not always lie on a checkup and a fat check to pay. Keep in mind that you have the right to know your options and take those that you believe are good for you. Be Truly healthy!

Giving up on addictions that give you short term pleasure and long term suffering is no big deal if it is a healthy and peaceful life that you get in the bargain as many doctors have taken it up as a business by bringing the medical field online for humanitarian purposes and medical practice marketing consult has become a far better alternative to realize the dreams of a disease free population in the world.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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