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The Kitchen Sink- The Worst Part Of Cleaning

There are many things that you would want to do at the same time but its not easy to decide where to begin. The mind is a complex phenomenon that is able to think quite a lot and dream about numerous things at the same time until it is full of thoughts swirling around that it would be a huge relief to siphon some of it off.

What is the most difficult task of all? It is simply a matter of opinion as some may find a certain task easy while others may find it difficult and vice versa. Today’s times are quite different than what it was once upon a time as people are quite forewarned and forearmed in their thinking due to them being clever and intelligent.

Let us talk about cleaning as it is something that almost everyone finds tiring, hectic and boring and try everything to get out of the situation that requires them to clean their room, house or anything else.

The phrase ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ is one that we all have been hearing right from childhood but there are very few people who genuinely adhere to this motto and stay as far away from it as possible.

In fact, today’s generation are more into throwing trash around and revel in dirt while doing different tasks through which they get dirt on their arms. It is seen the most with young children and teenagers who couldn’t care less with making their surroundings dirty and you are going to find filth galore whenever you get near their vicinity.

What is the one thing or object that takes the most time to clean up? Quite simply, the larger an object is, the more time it will take to get cleaned up fast. Cleaning is basically a time consuming task that requires expert hands to deal with along with a keen presence of mind in order to do it properly and on time.

Bear in mind that cleaning is not something that is taken lightly as that will only aggravate the problem at hand. Unfortunately, most people today clean up just for the sake of it and have no time to clean their house due to excessive work pressure that leads to tension and stress.

In such a scenario, how is anyone going to take time out for something as time consuming as house cleaning as if the office targets were not bad enough. It becomes quite frustrating for young kids when they are told by their mother to clean up their room or provide a helping hand to her whenever she cleans the house on Sundays.

The house itself is quite a big place and once you leave your everyday items like earphones or socks, etc. lying around, it becomes difficult to find it again as its not easy to remember the true location of any object so cleaning process clearly takes a backseat in this regard.

Be it drawing room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, one does not know which one should be considered first as all would take equal amount of time to clean up completely and the process itself may take atleast the entire weekend to finish so everything needs to be planned well in advance before the weekend sets in.

Normally, what people do is that when they start up cleaning, they choose the drawing room first as it is only the floor and walls that require the most. However, there are others who feel that it is the kitchen that should be given the first priority.

Why so? Why should the kitchen come first? Does it mean that others are less important?

Well, for starters, kitchen is considered to be the heart of any house and is the smallest and most congested of all places in the house, to say including the bedroom. Kitchen has different types of utensils along with cutlery and food items stashed in the fridge and pantry and they alone account for atleast half the time.

Another thing is that the bedroom and drawing room regularly cleaned by the maid everyday so there’s nothing much left to do but the kitchen does not get that privilege as it is cleaned only once or twice every few months.

As a result, the ceiling, the high end walls and exhaust fan get accumulated with dust and cobwebs because they are the most neglected of the lot and tend to serve as five star hotels for spiders, many of whom make it their home.

Now, we come to the kitchen sink that has the misfortune of housing all the dirty plates full of leftover food that the maid comes to clean every morning and throws some into the open pipe which gradually becomes too sticky with the passage of time.

Therefore, today we are going to talk about 5 tips that need to be followed while cleaning the kitchen sink because it is the most left out place of all in the entire kitchen.

They are as follows:

  • The first step is to clean all the dirty dishes and the food that has been leftover from the previous night’s dinner with the help of a scrubber. Its quite easy as all you have to do is to apply a drop of the liquid dish wash soap and scrub the entire plate clean, thereby leaving no room for dirt.
  • After it is done, wash the sink along the hard surface with lukewarm water and soap to clean the drain and rim. If practiced everyday, bacteria can never accumulate.
  • Wash the drain with hot water that will eradicate the foul smell and get rid of the sticky substances after wetting the entire sink. This has to be followed atleast twice a week
  • For people who hate cleaning, baking soda is an excellent remedy as all they have to do is to spray it properly and apply scrub
  • Lemon juice is another alternative that will prove useful in getting rid of stubborn stains


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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