Team is composed of talented, passionate and excellent individuals who have the same purpose – to deliver valuable and creative insights to cater the audience’s needs.

Kathleen Smith


Kathleen founded in 2015. She has its vision of becoming the leading informative online platform across the globe. Kathleen is an entrepreneur, product manager and digital marketer.

Jette Davis

Senior Editor

Jette is the senior editor of the team. She graduated from the Carolina University with the degree in Mass Communication. Before joining, Jette previously worked in different publishing companies in Australia.

David Usman

Website Manager

With more than 10 years of experience in creating and developing websites, David Usman is one of the best member team. He is responsible in updating to deliver creative and up to date information to viewers.

Justin Boylan


Mealanie is the in house writer fro She graduated from University of Malcolm in 2016, with the degree of Journalism. Her main responsibility is to generate quality insights about the current trends in the world.

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