T20 Version’s Entry to the International Arena! Why? Read to find out

It all started with David Morgan’s blunder, who was ICC president. The 2007 World cup has scheduled in Caribbean Islands for 48 days. Due to early exit of famous cricketing nations like India and Pakistan made tournament graceless. Fans got disappoint with there performance. It is difficult to pull the crowd toward the ground without India and Pakistan and there rivalry.

Sponsors are really fed up with the performance of tournament. ICC officials have to sit back and too calculate the loss in event. They decided to have new version and short one so that can be an eye catching event for fans. They thought about twenty overs version which has its root toward England domestic in other words county clubs to endorse this version in there local. Finally ICC has able to read cricket fans pulse that is India – Pakistan rivalry then they like to make money around this issue. You people can recognizes this by small indication that is every match of India where hosted in Durban which is also known Indian town in South Africa. Every match was really thrilling till last ball was bowled. Everything was in favour of ICC and they able to cover up there lost in short term.

By this T20 version entered in International Arena.

This idea is like a hot cake for BCCI. Lalit Modi is chairmen of Indian Premier League. IPL has an influence from T20 world cup. And then Indians are really crazy about Cricket. When it comes in short version and it is very less time consuming just 3 hour for a match. This is very well like a movie. Lalit Modi with well planed and good logistics with him, he made IPL very success in India.

In then foot step of IPL follows the Champions league which is the only tournament with the highest prize money. Many still don’t believe that Champion league will beat IPL in gain because the ipl 2020 schedule bcci will be shorting the dates for matches due to climate changes and the virus problem that is been spreading all over the world and the reason for doing all that is for public and players safety concerns. Yeah it is true IPL is massive hit because of it marketing logistics and new break system that is strategic break of sevens minutes which insert between 20 overs of inning for each team and sponsors are very well interested in it. Anyway champion league has managed to come with ray of hope and fruitful success. Blues of New South Wales is the Champion of Champion league and till now New South Wales Blues a domestic team from Australia is only team to win a historic prize amount of 2.5 million US dollar is Cricket History.

By way T20 has entered in to international arena, and many tournaments has organized based on T20 version like Indian Premier League and Champion League and More tournament still come ahead.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.
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