Super Mario – The King Of All Games

If we’re talking about one of the most popular games that a lot of adults played when they were little, a game that still exists up to this very moment and is still enjoyed by a lot of players belonging to different age groups – Super Mario is the very first game that comes into our minds. This iconic game captured the gaming world by storm because of its adventure filled setting.

When did it start?

Super Mario was developed by a Japanese business, Nintendo, in the year 1985. Since then, the game has gained a lot of fans and gamers, making it even more popular in the 90s. Super Mario has been existing and continuously developing for the past 30 years. This popular game didn’t lose any of its reputation or popularity over the decades, in fact, it grew.

Why do players love Super Mario?

Certainly, the adventure theme of this game makes it appealing to all players. Aside from the characters, the graphics and the design of Super Mario adds to the overall qualities. It is extremely amusing, the music and the visuals are compelling, and the eagerness it stimulates in players makes it more challenging.

Super Mario has great variety of games

Super Mario provides an exhilarating Mario game experience with all the variety it offers, which is great because most players would like to try all the games. From Super Mario Bros to Super Mario Odyssey to Super Mario Galaxy and so many more, players have an array of games to choose from.

Super Mario is everywhere

With the continuous advancement in technology, this famous game can now be played on different devices. You can access Super Mario on personal computers, laptops, smartphones, console gaming, switch and you can also play Mario games for xbox 360. With its widespread availability, players can now play it whenever and wherever they want.

Super Mario is the most popular game

Undoubtedly, Super Mario can be considered as the most popular game ever created in the gaming world. With its 30 years of existence in the market, meaning that it has been passed down by several generations, super Mario is one of the most successful games in the industry of gaming. Yes, there are new games with better graphics and mechanics, but Mario games have proven well enough the power and value that they bring to the gaming community.

Mario is here to stay

Clearly, as time goes on and as technology continues to advance, Mario games will be even more developed and modernized, allowing them to continue their reign and hold their position as the king of all the games ever created in the market. Once, you were playing this iconic game when you were a little kid. Who would have thought that you would still be playing it? Consequently, your future kids will be playing the same game you’ve enjoyed for decades and it will continue being passed down, generation after generation. With this, it is very much fair to say that Super Mario is the king of all games.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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