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Strategies to Fund Your College Fees

You have decided to go to college. But what’s next? Have you decided on a school and college degree? Have you checked out the courses? More importantly, will you be able to afford it?

Going to college is a great chance to pursue further studies for your chosen profession. But most of the time, expenses seem to stop people from enrolling themselves into a degree. We don’t blame them. College can be very expensive. The tuition fees are costly. There’s also moving out of your house and into a dorm so you can be closer to the school. All these expenses can take a great toll that sometimes people end up not going to college at all.

But here’s a game changer: you can afford to go to college. How? By having someone else fund your college expenses. And just exactly where do we find such help? Below are a few strategies to take note of so all your college financial expenses will no longer be a problem:

Government Grants

There are federal and state grants available for you to use. They assist you in your financial expenses, including college. These are given depending on your need and your Free Application for Federal Student Aid report. Just visit your local government office and inquire about such grants.

College Scholarships

Scholarships are offered by colleges so you can lessen your expenses. Some of these scholarships are academic or athletic so you can choose between the two which fits you the most. If neither of these fits your criteria, you can ask what other scholarships are available. Most colleges have different scholarships to offer so don’t be shy to ask.

Registered Education Savings Plan

Also known as an RESP, these plans are investment type programs that help you save money ahead of time. So when you finally need to pay off your college expenses, you can claim your money from these RESPs.

An important thing to note is to be wary of RESPs. Do proper research in the best RESPs around your area. Check out reviews like this one before applying for their investment plan. Always remember never to give out money if you haven’t read the fine print or have a lawyer go through the terms and conditions. Otherwise you might be scammed and you’ll end up losing all your college savings because of such fraud.

Part-time Job

This may not pay off all your expenses but they can help. It’s normal for students to take up part-time jobs or be a working student. Employment opportunities may be found around colleges so you can check those out too.

Online Degrees

If you’re looking to save on tuition fees, you may want to consider online degrees. They’re just as credible as going to college. Some online degrees are affordable. Be sure to research your school of choice before enrolling, and to read reviews regarding the school. Check if they’re accredited as well.

These are strategies that can greatly help you fund your degree online or can ease your expenses. Don’t give up in going to college but rather, find ways wherein you can afford it.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.
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