Some tips to protect your city in Rise of Kingdom

Games are being considered as the finest stress buster, and they are proficient enough to drag our minds on the positive side. You need to identify the most exceptional game amongst all, as there are countless available on the internet and market as well. Here we are with the most elegant game that is holding a massive horde of the delighted players as this game has been downloaded over millions of times. Rise of kingdom is the game that you have been looking for.

If you are willing to indulge yourself in positive while relieving the stress from your life, then preferably consider playing the rise of kingdom. This is the game that is filled with thrills, and it also has amazing graphics. There is some player who is unable to defend their kingdom from the troops; these troops also play a vital role in the game as they attack your city, and being the governor of that city, you need to save it.

But the thing is, how will you save your kingdom from being destroyed? Don’t worry; we are here to help you out while unveiling some essential steps that will help you to save to your kingdom. For the ease of the players, we have described those tips on the points mentioned below so that they will be ease while knowing more about the defending tips. These tips are proficient enough to serve the readers with the required knowledge about the right gameplay. So let’s have a look at the following points to read more about it.

How to save your city in the Rise of Kingdom:

  • Do daily missions regularly:

If you are willing to save your city in the rise of kingdom, then you need to upgrade the buildings, and you need to rack up some resources, boosts, and the goodies as well to complete more daily missions. The more mission you complete will let you get more treasures to unlock. Earning more rewards or opening numerous treasures will enable you to upgrade the buildings with ease. Doing these things will help you out in multiple ways during the attacks. The missions allotted by developers are too simple to be completed, and you need to be focused on the mission allotted to earn more treasures.

  • Be focused on the main quest:

When you play the rise of kingdom, you will see that there is a bulk of missions available, these missions will keep you engaged during the gameplay. Apart from all mission, the main quest is more important as these are the milestones which you need to achieve during the whole game. You need to check out the order of the progression through the game’s age; hence you can improve your kingdom’s power. Moreover, on the next points, we are going to elaborate more regarding upgrading the city hall, and you need to do it at the right time.

  • Train your army for troops:

One thing about this game is you will never have too many troops for your armies, the player’s needs to make that they are constantly training more. The training in this game consumes time, and the wars are required massive armies that will help you to will the game. You need to upgrade your troop, produce buildings, doing these things will increase the chances of winning the battle. Preferably you need to train the highest level of the unit, which is available for you; this is the most elegant way to defend yourself during the intense war.

  • Find out the most excellent troops for a more amazing game:

The research is the most elegant way to get better troops, and this will also help you to produce more resources, doing such things will serve you with the finest sorts for the boost in the game. We will prefer maxing out the military technology in the research and in the academy as well. We all know that the boots are here who are offering the troops with the things that they are required, and you need to switch to the economic technology afterward. You need to take a particular thing at a time and see how the thing goes.

These were some of the tips that will help you to save your kingdom in the game, and these points will also help you out in numerous ways. There are several more benefits that a person is capable of getting by completing the daily missions on a regular basis. The rise of kingdom is the game that is allowing you to keep yourself engaged in this fantastic game. Moving on, on the next points, we have described some features of this game so you will be at ease while knowing more about the rise of kingdom.

Features of rise of kingdom:

  • The player will see 11 amazing nations and growing:

The players are allowed to use Rome, Germany, Britain, etc., according to their preference, and they can begin building your own city. You can build your own city, which is powerful enough, and this is how you can build your entire kingdom. The most amazing thing about this game is each nation in this game has its own pros and cons as well, so the players are free to use the one according to their desire.

  • The players will see some real-time battles:

The rise of kingdom is the game that is filled with intense battles, and these battles are huge enough; not only this, the detailed maps are here along with the several other players in real-time. Here you will see a bulk of natural obstacles like the forest, rivers, lakes, etc., so you need to be strategic enough to pass on the map.

  • The realistic day and night cycle will be seen here:

This game is different from others as, during the game, you will see the realistic day and night cycle, which are taking place. The players are allowed to take advantage of the night by making a surprise attack on the enemies. The light will be your friend during the day time.

  • Huge unexplored map is here:

In the initial stage of this kingdom, you will several places that have not discovered by humans; this is why they are unexplored maps that can be explored easily. The players can start exploring the world and the un-fog map as well as conveniently.

  • You are allowed to choose the commanders you like:

The rise of kingdom players are allowed to choose the commanders according to their choice as this game is featuring the historical people like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, etc. you can use the commanders which you like and then you are allowed to start conquering the world with the help of your unstoppable armies.

The cessation 

We are here while wrapping up the stuff with the statement that the rise of kingdom is the game, which is filled with intense battles and amazing features. The players are allowed to open the treasures by completing the daily missions on a regular basis. The players can consider the tips mentioned above for the amazing and finest gameplay.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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