Some Great Tips To Avoid Injuries While Cleaning The HomeS

It has been found through studies that most people strained a muscle while vacuuming the floors. Some people got severe injuries like musculoskeletal injuries. These accidents can be prevented by having the right amount of knowledge on how to use vacuum cleaners. People must follow the process on how to stand and bend accordingly so as to prevent injuries while cleaning homes. You must shop the vacuum cleaners fromthe shop in the hepa vacuum department.

Let us know some of the fantastic tips that can help everyone to avoid injuries while using the vacuum cleaner to clean the house:-

  1. First, stretch your body

While doing tasks like gardening, cleaning up the floors, these tasks put a lot of strain on the muscle groups. It is essential to stretch out your body and warm-up to avoid injuries. By taking a warm-up like stretching your hamstrings, touching toes, the injuries can be prevented. If you feel pain in your muscles, then try to stretch them gently. You need to pay attention to your legs, back, and arms while doing such tasks.

  1. Clean little and often

People who use vacuum cleaners for everyday cleaning can face a severe issue of repetitive strain injury. The best tip to avoid such kind of injuries is to clean little and often. You must clean for some time and then take breaks in between as regular cleaning can cause pain to your back and arms.

  1. Use the appropriate tools for cleaning

People tend to use the wrong tools for cleaning, and this is the main reason for the injuries. Try to avoid the traditional methods of cleaning the homes by sitting on knees and using hands as this can cause harm. People that face issues while cleaning the homes with vacuum cleaners must opt for the cordless vacuum cleaners as they are pretty easy to use and are lighter in weight. Also, use all the right tools according to your vacuum cleaner model so as to make your work easier.

  1. Mind the wet floors

You must never soak the hard flooring in water and instead clean the small portions with a damp or mop. It is better to start by cleaning the part that is opposite to the door that you will be leaving. This is a good practice as you will never be moving over the damp floors. You can also make use of steam mop as they will completely dry the floor by their superheated steam. Also, the main benefit is that you don’t need to use the cleaning chemicals to clean the wet floors.

  1. Keep children away while cleaning

In the house, while cleaning, you must keep the children away to avoid the injuries as in the kitchen, there might be the slippery floor while vacuuming there could be a trailing wire and many more. You must perform the cleaning jobs when your children are away from home. It is the best practice to avoid injuries from slipping, cleaning chemicals, and many more.

  1. Take proper time

It is better to take adequate time while cleaning as rushing increases the risk of injuries. You must be comfortable while cleaning and must only clean when you have appropriate time or else don’t start cleaning.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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