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Some Common Myths About Gas And Electric Golf Carts!

The future of electric vehicles is bright as in coming years there will be many battery-powered rides that are about to release. Some people still have many misconceptions about the gas and electric golf carts or electric vehicles. The reality is different as many people are opting to buy the new electric vehicles by keeping aside the myths that are made by others. You can also participate in the que es el pga tour which is amazing.

There are numerous ways in which an electric golf cart can help you on daily basis and it is not like that they are used for some specific things. Let us know some of the common beliefs about the gas and electric golf carts which are only myths and not reality.

  1. Difficult to use

The usability of the golf carts extensively depends on the model. Some models will be easy to use while some would require knowledge but they are not difficult to use. People who tend to buy the used or refurbished golf cart tend to face such problems and make them as misconception. It is better to check up the mechanical setup and then consider the usability of the golf cart.

  1. Gas powered golf carts are cheaper to maintain

People think that electric golf carts have electric battery which requires to be changed after a while and it costs much. Investing in gas powered golf carts is good for people which is also a misconception as these golf carts need support and repairs on gas after every 3-5 months. Both the electric and gas powered golf carts cost equal after the repairs.

  1. Electric golf carts are safe to drive

People who think golf carts are easy and safe to drive are wrong. The electric golf carts don’t have seat belts and it is quite dangerous to go on top speed without having seat belts. It is better to know about the safety rules or the notices which the golf cart company accompanies. People who drive golf carts on less spend are safe as on top speed it might be possible that somebody is tossed out from the cart.

  1. Gas powered golf carts are more powerful than electric golf carts

Earlier this statement was considered true but with advent of technology and time the electric golf carts have become more powerful. The electric golf carts have progressed and give you an indistinguishable uphill power same as the gas powered golf carts. Also, the electric golf carts are more preferred nowadays, as they cause less air contamination and you don’t have to go long way for refueling. People who require heavy duty cart must ensure that their truck is gas controlled and have enough amount of time and energy.

  1. Golf carts are eco-friendly

This Statement is not at all true as the golf carts which are gas powered run on gases which are quite dangerous and create emissions. Gas powered golf carts are not eco-friendly but when comes to electric gold carts they are quite friendlier with earth and are considered best.

You can get your misconceptions cleared by knowing the truth. People must have proper knowledge about things instead of making misconceptions. It is best to have an electric golf cart to enjoy your ride around the greenery and making less pollution.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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