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Smart Devices for Superior Security while Home Alone

Being home alone sometimes feels unsettling especially when you worry about intruders trying to make their way in. Thankfully,  technology has smart devices that offer a layer of security right on your doorsteps. The Ring doorbell camera, for example, allows you to see who’s at the door before you open it up. Couple it with other security devices and you’ll have a system that keeps ill-intentioned people at bay.

Add a Layer of Security at your Doorsteps with Smart Devices today

There are different security devices available today.  Some of them are specially made to protect your gate, driveway, and door from intruders. And these devices have gone a long way in providing superior security through advanced features, such as:

  • Video Handling Technologies – Cameras prove highly efficient in identifying criminals who have broken into a property. But the best security systems don’t simply come with regular cameras. They are equipped with cameras with zooming, panning and tilting features to better view its surrounding. Real-time live streaming is possible through Wi-Fi connection as well, so homeowners can view their home even while away.
  • Automated Sensors – Aside from cameras, sensors do a lot of wonders too. These features provide a real-time and automatic alarm for homeowners to become alert. For example, such sensors can detect if a car or a person is going into the driveway. Such sensors can trigger sound and light alarms as well.
  • Automated Remote Controls – This is probably the biggest leap security system have achieved through innovation. This feature enables homeowners to control security systems using smartphones with the installed app. When a video doorbell rings, for example, the device can send a currently captured video of the person at the door. Then, the homeowner would receive the video, see if they recognize the person and remotely open the door locks if the visitor is welcome.

Here are some of the Smart security Devices to Consider for your Door

The features mentioned above are only a few of the stunning things an advance security system can do. Now, you only have to know the best smart devices to include in your system. So, you can buy and install the best options available.

  1. Security Cameras

This is probably the most popular security device along with noise and light alarms. Installing security cameras at your doorsteps would help you identify the people coming inside your home. This gives you a chance to think about your response in case of danger or record the person’s face for evidence purposes. The problem is, security cameras aren’t enough to keep ill-intentioned people at bay, hence you should consider adding other options.

  1. Wireless Driveway System

This is a sensory security device that alerts you when somebody is trying to access your driveway. Some devices can sense metallic objects such as cars, while others sense movements.  The latter helps detect people or animals coming in.

You can think of installing these devices all around your home, such as on the main gate, front door and backdoor among other entry points. Also, many of these devices come with light and siren alarm which deter intruders from coming inside your home.

  1. Wireless Intercom Systems

These are systems of interconnected devices which allows seamless passing of message from one point to another. When somebody rings the doorbell, for example, this is the system which can send alerts or captured video directly to your smartphone. It also allows the other end to call you up, so you can respond properly.

This increases safety by keeping the door locks as you try to recognize the visitor. It reduces the risk of an intruder trying to come inside by knocking or ringing the doorbell as well.

These smart devices would give you peace of mind especially when you’re alone at home. It offers superior security for your entire household as well. Just buy and install the right options to efficiently keep intruders away.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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