Review Of Mifi 2200 By Verizon Wireless

I’m on the internet a lot for both work and play. Nothing is worse for me than needing an internet connection and not being able to find one. No one knows this in my family more than my husband. So, to surprise me one day Hubby brought home a present. It was a MiFi (rhymes with Wi-Fi) from Verizon Wireless.

The Mi-Fi 2200 goes beyond what a simple broadband Internet connection does. With it, up to five computers can surf the Internet simultaneously. In essence, you become your own Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Mi-Fi 2200 unit fits in the palm of your hand. It is about the size of a deck of playing cards. There is a black cloth case for the Mi-Fi from Verizon. This helps protect it from scratches and bumps.

Using it is simple. Just turn it on and plug the Mi-Fi 2200 from Verizon Wireless into your laptop. The software starts downloading automatically. Follow the prompts to install the software and then you are good to go. After that you only need to have it turned on, not plugged in.

When you are away from a hotspot and need broadband Internet access using the MiFi from 2200 Verizon Wireless is simple. Turn it on and slip it into your purse or pocket. Turn on your laptop. Give it just a few seconds to connect and begin surfing. That’s all there is to it. You can also use a superboost wifi to make your connection even stronger. Thus, you can enjoy surfing through the internet.

I’ve used the MiFi 2200 from Verizon Wireless for about 3 weeks now. It has been a handy device to have. So far, we’ve surfed with two laptops simultaneously and had no problems with connectivity. It seems to be that whenever Hubby has a Verizon Wireless cell phone signal I can use the Mi-Fi. I’ve been able to surf from multiple locations with success so far.

There are 2 downsides to using the Mi-Fi 2200. The first is that there is no battery warning. When the Mi-Fi needs to be recharged it just dies. This left me unhappy while I was in the middle of uploading an article. I could have had the Mi-Fi 2200 plugged into my laptop battery to charge while I was using it but didn’t want to be bothered by the cord. Lesson learned.

The other way to charge the MiFi 2200 is to plug it directly into the outlet. This seems to take less charging time than plugging it into the laptop and won’t drain the laptop battery.

The other issue is the cost. Hubby had to agree to a 2 year contract. I dislike contracts and especially hate long-term agreements. After agreeing to the service he was able to get a $50 rebate off of the $149.99 Mi-Fi 2200 unit. That brought to the total cost of the MiFi 2200 to $99.99 plus tax.

Plus, you also have to have a monthly service plan with Verizon Wireless. That’s another $59.99 per month plus tax for the transfer of 5G worth of data per month. You can insure the MiFi 2200 for an additional $4.99 per month. Insurance for me is always a good idea.

I like the MiFi 2200 from Verizon Wireless. The portability is great and I love having the ability to surf the Internet from anywhere. However, the sticker shock is a bit much for me.

Verizon Wireless will also let you keep the Mi-Fi 2200 for 3 days to try it out. If you aren’t happy you can return it and get out of your two-year agreement.

There is also another opportunity where you can try it for 30 days and return it. You will have to pay a per day charge plus usage. Other than that, they will let you out of the contract if you find that the Mi-Fi 2200 Verizon Wireless is not for you.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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