Progressive Insults Without Injury

I was determined not at fault by the Ohio State patrol regarding an accident with a young lady insured by Progressive. I was understanding as she was a new driver and made a mistake. Accidents happen, I was asked numerous times by paramedics if I wanted to go to the hospital and be checked out. I was not injured so I declined. I think being honest may have been a bigger accident than the young lady and I was in.

Initial contact with Progressive Insurance

Following the instructions of my insurance company, I contacted the young ladies’ insurance company. Before they could respond to my need for a rental car they had to tow my car to their property for inspection. Keep in mind the Ohio State Patrol already found me not to be at fault for the accident in any manner.

One week later

I called Progressive because 7 days had passed and they had not responded to my need for a rental car. Every time I spoke with the agent she would ask me if I were feeling alright or if I was in any pain. I replied that I was fine and not in pain, just needed a rental car until mine was repaired.

I received a rental under the condition that if they determined I was at fault in any way I was liable for the rental car. So it seems evident if in an accident and Progressive insures a party involved, they must be the ultimate authority as to who was at fault.

Three more weeks pass

I received a call from Progressive stating my car was deemed a total loss. The settlement offer was $1000. Kelly Blue Book value was $5800. (FYI) I phone a local salvage yard and priced a motor and transmission for my exact car. Neither was damaged in the accident. The quote was $2300 for a motor and transmission. Of course, I refused their offer to settle the claim for $1000.

Just give me my car back

The settlement from Progressive Insurance insulted me, and I just wanted my car returned to me so I could have it repaired myself. Five weeks after the accident, still nothing. I receive a call from Progressive stating their final offer is $1500 and that is all they will do, period. The reason they gave was high mileage and the car had less than 80,000 miles on it. I demanded my car be returned. I was told it had been purchased by a salvage yard for $600.

I was in an accident that was not my fault. I went left of center to avoid t- boning the young lady and killing her. I was honest and upfront. Why did Progressive Insurance sell my car when it legally did not belong to them? The end result was Progressive paid me $1500 for my car that was worth $5800 plus sold my car gaining an additional $600. The accident cost me $4300 and cost Progressive insurance $900.

Above all, I’m thankful no one was injured in the accident. If ever it happens again, I will certainly hop in the ambulance and go to the hospital. However, if you have even been in such a situation you know what this is all about. In order to tackle the insurance company and get yourself a reasonable refund, you can visit to get all the relevant information about the insurance policies and what things you should consider when you choose auto insurance. 


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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