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Product Review: Roomba Vacuum Versus Dyson DC07 Vacuum

Having a vacuum is an essential product of life. I don’t think anyone can live a clean life without a good vacuum. I have gone thorough many different vacuums throughout my life and I have found some good vacuums and ones that are not so great. Currently I own two different types of vacuums. One is called the Roomba Vacuum and the other one is Dyson DC07 Vacuum.

There is no dearth of good gute staubsauger so therefore I make sure that I get the best brands in town and never compromise on quality, which both Roomba and Dyson possess in ample measure

The Roomba Vacuum is robotic vacuum that works on it’s own. I don’t have to lift a finger with the Roomba Vacuum. The Roomba Vacuum is circular in shape. The Roomba Vacuum moves in a forward, backward and circular motion. How long it takes to vacuum with the Roomba Vacuum depends on the size of your home. Our home is about 2000 thousand square feet so it takes the Roomba Vacuum about a few hours to clean our home. I have to keep coming back to the Roomba and place it in the room I want it to vacuum. The Roomba Vacuum works on batteries. The Roomba Vacuum comes with a self-charging home base so you can travel with the Roomba. I have brought my Roomba Vacuum on trips and to work. The Roomba Vacuum is adjusts to any type of flooring. I use it on the carpeted living and in the tiled bathrooms. The Roomba Vacuum has a sensor that detects dirt. When it senses the dirt instantly moves to eliminate it. The Roomba Vacuum is quiet and doesn’t really make much of a sound. I find the sound it does make to be soothing. The cost of the Roomba Vacuum is $280 dollars not including tax. I bought the Roomba Vacuum at Target.

The Dyson DC07 Vacuum is a regular upright vacuum. I do have to lift a finger to clean the floors with the Dyson DC07 Vacuum. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum looks attractive and high tech looking. It takes me about twenty minutes to clean the house with the Dyson DC07 Vacuum. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum works by plugging it into an outlet. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum doesn’t have a dirt bag. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum has a see through canister that contains all the debris and dirt in. Once the canister is full it is easy to remove it the dirt with the release of a latch. The canister helps save money from having to buy dirt bags. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum works well on cleaning on most types of floors. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum works best on carpet and bare floors. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum makes a quiet sound compared to many types of upright vacuums. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum is light and easy to carry. I am able to get into many corners and hard to reach areas with the Dyson DC07 Vacuum. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum comes with cleaning tools that is used to clean the vacuum. I have never used the tools but I am sure they will come in handy one day. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum cost about $400 dollars not including tax. You can purchase the Dyson DC07 Vacuum at Target.

The Dyson DC07 Vacuum and the Roomba Vacuum are both wonderful but in different ways. The Roomba Vacuum is good for picking up light dirt. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum is better at picking up bigger and thicker types of dirt. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum can pick up dirt that is deep within the carpet. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum can clean many areas that a Roomba is not able to because of the circular shape. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum is more expensive that the Romba vacuum but it also does a better job at cleaning. The Dyson DC07 Vacuum is overall the best vacuum in keeping a place perfectly clean.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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