Pro Tips On How To Run A Successful Insurance Agency

Why settle for average, when you were meant to stand out? If you own an insurance agency, you should take this to heart. Growing a successful business isn’t a walk in the park especially with a highly competitive industry like the insurance arena. There is no room to get intimidated though because your agency needs to be robust and adaptable in order to gear up for success.

Growth Strategies In Running A Successful Insurance Empire

Growing an insurance agency takes time and focus. As a CEO, you need to be the lead agent for growth in your own company. Others will follow through your example. You need to take note of the processes that you would need to focus on and track your steps to increase efficiency in all aspects of the organization.

Choose A Mentor

In any business especially for an insurance firm, you would need a coach or a mentor to show you the way. You have to stand on the shoulders of giants especially as a startup agency. It’s critical that you find someone successful in the line of insurance business and learn from the tricks of the trade.

Everyone plays different roles at varied points in their lives. Some get to be the player and others get to coach. You have to be coachable and resilient to take on expert advice and follow the lead from someone who has been there and done that. This is how you learn growth strategies for your business.

Hustle Now, Play Later!

If you stay and play average, you can’t expect success to come around. You have to slave now, and enjoy the perks of it for long term. You cannot really expect a financially successful life without putting in work. It’s not just about the quantity of time you put into growing your insurance agency but the quality that matters.

Create a Rewarding and Dynamic Culture

Invest in your people. Create a fun and supportive environment for your employees and agents. It’s important that you take the time to personally get to know your staff and reward them for contributing to the company goals. You should create a family culture in the company and build lasting relationships with your manpower.

Having a space for recreation or relaxation for your employees with perks like unlimited servings of coffee and some snacks would definitely uplift and motivate them to hustle harder for the agency’s goals. A Wal-Mart or Amazon gift card or perhaps fun teambuilding activities and parties would help them de-stress and look forward to every work day.

Duplicate Yourself

Seriously, if you are not that smart, you can hire people smarter than you. However, you should leverage only with good and trustworthy people who will move your business forward. Some CEOs think they can be jack-of-all-trades in their own empire. However, that mentality is like a death trap because the key to successful leadership is the ability to duplicate yourself in your staff and delegate tasks so you are able to maximize your time and results for the company.

The Law of Karma in Business

Giving back to the society drives your business to success. Your company needs to have a goal besides just profit. You need to be clear on what you want to achieve and what impact you would want to make in other people – whether it be your agents or clients. Giving is essentially the key to receiving because you always get what you deserve in the karmic law of life.

Building your business from the ground up takes work – a lot of it. It also takes time and good people who are one with you in your goals. Being insured by a specialty insurance agency is providing that social relevance to help people with their life investments. Growing an insurance agency would need not just the technical financial mumbo jumbo but a solid organizational and leadership backbone that will help you become a success story from day one.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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