Niche Marketing Blog: 5 Tips to be Successful with Yours

The word blog comes from a longer version of two words web log or web logging and because of it many award-winning medical website design agency has achieved more success compared to their past reports. Over the last couple years, the amounts of blogs on the Internet have exploded. Everyone is getting into it, and loving it. There are many different reasons for starting a blog. Some companies use blogs to keep customers and others updated on their products or services. Internet marketers can use blogs to promote products and communicate with visitors to develop a lasting relationship with them.

In this article I want to mainly focus on creating a niche blogs to promote affiliate products. Niche blogging can be a great way to generate a nice income on the Internet. Once you start your blog you will be able to monetize it and personalize it, in order to be attractive to your specific niche. Using your RSS feed you will be able to build a list of individuals who subscribe to your blog, and are routine readers.

Below are five tips to make your niche blog interesting and popular, all the while pulling in cold hard cash.

1 – Choosing a niche to blog in

Choosing a niche can be a difficult thing when you’re thinking of starting a blog. One thing that will almost certainly guarantee your blog to be a success is to choose to blog about something you know well. Are you big into scrapbooking? Start blogging about cool scrapbooking techniques. Like technology? Create a tech blog where you do gadget reviews. Whatever you choose, you have to make sure you can monetize it. Choosing a broad niche like technology will open things up a bit for products you can promote.

2 – Insert affiliate links the smart way

When you are writing a post don’t make it overly promotional. Don’t act like you are try to sell something every time you make a post or you will turn your loyal readers off. Instead subtly insert your affiliate links by making relevant and informative post then using anchor texts. For example if you were doing a review on psp video download services you could say something like:

“Website Name has tons of cool videos for your PSP. Recently I found this awesome video of this guy who…”

The link, “videos for your PSP” would be an affiliate link for that particular service. The link is fairly unobtrusive and will draw a lot of clicks out of shear curiosity. Once they’ve clicked, no matter when they go back if they make a purchase you get credit for the sale.

3 – The content needs to be relevant.

The posts made to your niche blog need to relevant and stay on the subject of the blog. Use relevant keywords in order to draw traffic from search engines. Once you’ve got them there you need to connect with the user and talk about stuff they actually care about. Don’t talk to much about your personal life, what you did yesterday, how you are feeling today, etc. Really very few people will care! If someone was searching for information on the new Apple iPhone, they don’t want to have to endure three paragraphs about how you lost your iPhone and you couldn’t call your girlfriend so she broke up with you.

4 – KISS – Keep It Simple and Stupid

Some niche markets and blogs might lend themselves to lots of technical jargon. Remember, a lot people don’t know some of the more advanced terms relevant to your niche. If at all possible, keep your messages as simple as possible so anyone can read and understand what you’re trying to convey.

5 – Involve your readers

Getting your readers involved in the discussion can really take your blog to a new level. Most blogging platforms facilitate the use of comments. Make sure this feature is turned on, and be sure to moderate all comments before they are published. One great way to get readers involved is to offer a prize for the reader with the most interesting comment. This doesn’t have to be anything big, perhaps you could give them a 7-day link in your blogroll, really anything.

Niche blogging is really awesome, especially if you are making money. You get to write about stuff you love and have a real interest in, and you get paid for it. Does it get any better? Keeping a steady stream of relevant and interesting content will ensure your blog’s success and maximize your return on investment. Create a plan and stick to it. Have a vision for your blog and then do it. Only you can create success for you blog, but following these 5 tips will get you a lot closer, a lot faster.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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