Must-Know Tips And Tricks Before Buying An Induction Cooktop For Your Kitchen

Induction cooktops work on the foundation of electromagnetic fields and act as a heater to the food by saving more power and its double cooking zones. It is a modernized form of gas stoves that comes with the feature of no flames while heating and many more. A bit pricier than other food cooking options at first, but will add up to your savings by minimizing the electricity bills. Induction cooktops are admired by every generation, and old aged people can also use it without any risk of hands getting burned.

It has numerous advantages that might fascinate beginners while using. The following merits are:

  • Easy to use: The induction cooktops are extremely convenient to utilize as they are extremely convenient to use. It takes very little time to prepare any food on it and will not be messy as well. You can avoid the usage of any lighters and other tools.
  • Convenient to clean: The induction cooktops are super-easy to clean; it just needs a little amount of detergent and a piece of a wet wipe. With the help of these two, it will become squeaky clean again to use.
  • Consumes less power: By switching to the high power zone, it will consume lesser heat and will decrease the amount of electricity bill. Although it is a more expensive deal at first, after consuming, the bills will not cause a burden on the shoulders of the owner.
  • No flames: It is wholly base on the process of magnetic induction and not on fire heating. Therefore, it is not risky similar to a gas stove. It can be used by children as well as old aged people because of no risk of flames getting built up.
  • Not risky: It causes no flame, and hence it is not at all risky, and nobody is prone to getting burning bruises. Therefore, it can be easily operated by any aged people due to its convenience. Kids can also operate induction cooktops as they are safe as compared to electric and gas stoves.
  • Touch button: The control panel comes with a screen of touch buttons similar to smartphones, and they have certain options like the on-off button, child lock, temperature control, etc. for specifications, any user can go to the link However, there are options to buy an induction with press buttons instead of the touch screen; they are a bit less expensive than the touch screen ones.
  • Temperature settings: The gas stoves can only be operated in three temperatures of heating that are low, medium, and high. But the induction cooktops are used according to many available temperatures as per the requirement. Therefore, these are more preferred by the modern people as compared to gas stoves.
  • More efficient: It does not allow the heat to dissipate, and the flame stays within the pan. It leads to low fuel consumption and saves more than 80% of the electricity as compared to electric stoves.
  • Comes with a timer: It has a digitally displaying timer that is placed on the corner line of the heating plate. It keeps you showing the prevailing temperature along with the battery percentage left.
  • Pre-set menu: Different types of induction cooktops are manufactured for different types of food requirements. The user is advised to set his preferences of food before making a deal of the final induction cooktop for his kitchen.
  • Automatic pan recognition: The induction cooktop has this amazing feature of automatic pot detection, this means, it has a property of getting switched off automatically when any pan or utensil is not put on the surface of the induction cooktop.
  • LED indicators: Some induction cooktops come with LCD or LED indicators that indicate a red light when off and a green light when on. It keeps on a green light when any food is heating and automatically switches off when the pan is brought down from the induction. It makes the cook easy to get to know whether it is off or still switched on.
  • Portable: The users can easily carry it wherever they want to, due to its light-weight and tiny structure. You can place and use it in the kitchen, in your room near the bed and in the backyard as well. It can be conveniently placed in the desired location.

  • Pot compatibility: The pan or pot should have ferrous coating under it; it will strengthen the magnetism and fastens the healing procedure. While ceramic and other materials will be much slower.
  • Several sizes accessible: Several sizes and designs are available in the market to choose from the induction cooktop. It is the choice of the user to select his preferred size. If he opts for small pans and materials, then he can go for a smaller 7-inch diameter induction cooktop with a coil of 10 inches.
  • Two elements: If you have a family of many members, then you can also buy an induction cooktop with two heating elements attached to one another. It will help you in performing two tasks in a period of one.
  • Noiseless procedure: Induction cooktops do not cause noise pollution as they prepare the food without producing any kind of sound. Merely the fan inside might make some noise, and that too, very little sound.

The final words on buying an induction cooktop: 

The above-mentioned points should be deeply considered before finalizing any induction cooktop of your choice. These features of an induction cooktop will prepare you to make a great choice and help in the section process. Along with these, it is necessary to carefully examine the piece that you are given by the seller, and it should not have defected. The user is suggested to try to buy it online on various discount offers. It will cause you a great saving. It is also advisable to go with the ratings and reviews before making the final purchase.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.
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