Motivation- The Backbone Of Hard Work Resulting In Success

What is the most definite mantra for success? What is the one thing that keeps you going until the end? For one thing, it is the financial assistance that their parents provide in their childhood that allows them to attend schools and get basic education alongwith new friends of their own age which is their first excursion into the world.

These are trying times and 2020 could not have begun on a worst note as the corona virus has taken the entire world into its grasp which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people all over the world with America having the maximum casualties despite it being the most powerful nation on the planet and a developed superpower.

As such, the most important thing that everyone needs is motivation, which will help all the nations to sail through this pandemic and everything will be alright again but as of now moral support with motivational speeches at regular intervals from the ruling ministers of federal government.

Old Technique

When the topic is about motivation, there are many points that start circulating in mind right from the renowned speeches of the best speakers and politicians to the lectures of teachers when they motivate their students with moral values and guide them to the right path.

Motivation is an old technique that has been given since the ancient times when warrior kings used to get sermons from their advisers on how to fight a war with strength and technical skills.

As time passed on, life started to get more and more difficult as humans became mortal enemies of each other and started backstabbing one and all, even their near and dear ones, for the sake of achieving their ends.

So it can be seen that motivation is required even for negative aspects as that has a strong impulse factor that pushes any person into performing the most perilous of tasks just for success.

However, while you may be successful in your endeavors by applying devious means, it will earn more notoriety than praise to your personality as people will start suspecting your intentions.

Tips for Benefits

Let us now discuss about some important points that will help in increasing the motivation level to the highest order and they are as follows:

  • The first and most important step is to have a positive attitude towards life and people in general as there is negativity galore in the surroundings right from animosity with neighbors to frequent arguments with the boss in office. Therefore, try to think of positive thoughts and the best way to do so is to focus on happy memories of the times gone by that unleashes a wave of motivation so strong that even the most difficult task looks ridiculously easy
  • It is a well known fact that an individual’s personality reflects in his habits so practice good habits each day and if this flow is maintained, then you can guarantee that success is definite
  • Keep your mood in check and refrain from losing your temper in extreme situations and think positive aspects of anything negative which will motivate you to learn from mistakes and do better by never repeating it again

  • Always lead a disciplined lifestyle where there is no room for negative people or sycophants that only give foolish counsel instead of helpful advise
  • Keep reading books of inspiration from historical people who have set an example for others to follow because they too would have received motivation from their well wishers. Just follow this process and see the results with your own eyes
  • Everyone is well connected to their friends and well wishers these days due to social media and platforms like Facebook while Whatsapp has long since replaced the SMS way of messaging so keep sending motivational quotes to others, which they will reply back with their own. Look up for 10 motivational whatsapp status online and keep updating your display picture and profile with such quotes and messages so that others are also influenced by this and make it a part of their daily lifestyle

To conclude, these are some of the best points that will keep you motivated all the time with no room for negativity.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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