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Most Popular Bachelor Party Ideas

One of the misconceptions about bachelor parties is thinking it as an easy task or activity to plan. But the truth is, bachelor parties are just like preparing a wedding in some ways. If not properly planned and executed, bachelor parties can be difficult, stressful and challenging. Also, bachelor parties should also be given extra care and consideration. Again, if not planned well, it might be a big issue that can cause a big trouble. To plan an amazing bachelor party, the planner should be really considerate yet has some creative and fun ideas.

Thus, if you are planning to set up a bachelor party for your friend or relative, this article will arm you with some of the best and most popular bachelor party ideas that would totally make your party rolling. Always remember that this is once in a lifetime event for the groom, so make sure you always have the best plans with you.


You might think of it as an old, boring and non-relative activity for a bachelor party. But that is exactly the point. Not everyone loves hunting, or not everyone is interested to hunt, but you should take that as an advantage to catch the interests of participants. If they do not like the idea, then it is a good sign to push through this bachelor party idea. Certainly, they will eventually love hunting once they tried it. It is a wacky adventure. What could go wrong in cases of beers, guns, guys, and the thrilling experience of hunting?

Video games

This is perfect for the modern guys. Today, video games have been booming and its continuously developing and advancing over the years. A lot of people from different ages and gender love to play video games. According to some research, more guys are hardcore gamers than girls. So why not consider it as a good bachelor party ideas. All you have to do is set up a room, the video games, some snacks and beer and you are all set up!

Beach house party

Who would not love the idea of having a bachelor party in a beach house? With the perfect view of the beach, fresh air, good interior design of the house, delicious food and cases of beers and other alcoholic drinks, having a bachelor party in a beach house is probably one of the best ideas ever.


Another great bachelor party idea is playing paintball. This activity will require everybody’s participation and contribution. Additionally, it will be more adventurous because the group can be divided into teams where guys can really have a good time. After the game, the winners should celebrate and there should be a penalty for the lose team. Hence, playing paintball is a great bachelor party idea.

Final Say

Bachelor party should not be expensive and grand all the time. Sometimes, a little creativity and great ideas are enough to set up a great bachelor party to keep your party rolling.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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