Laser Hair Removal Treatment Myths you must Stop Believing

Laser hair removal permanently reduces hair on the legs, bikini, arms, and more among people all over the world. No wonder why it has become so popular than other hair removal options today. But along with its popularity, myths about laser hair removal also spread.

These misconceptions causes people to make wrong expectation and beliefs regarding the treatment. As a result, people become disappointed while undergoing the procedure. Some even miss the benefits it offers because they worry about the supposed harm it brings. That is why you must know about these myths, and uncover the truth behind them.

Here are Common Myths about Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Myth 1: It only Takes One Session to Completely Remove Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal treatment requires 6 to 8 sessions for each clients to complete. That’s because the laser only removes hair on older phases of growth. Hence, younger hair should grow first before being removed on later sessions. Nonetheless, each session only lasts around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the target skin area.

Myth 2: It Damages the Skin

The procedure causes irritation and reddening which is normal when skin is exposed to heat. However, these are much similar to the effects of exposing skin to the sun while on the beach. It will naturally go away after few hours, or faster when treated with ice cubes. And no scar or any permanent damage would remain afterwards.

Myth 3: The Procedure is Painful

Laser hair removal is not the most painless hair removal treatment, but it’s not certainly painful too. The laser only penetrates 1mm to 4mm from the surface of the skin, and it doesn’t forcedly pull or pluck hair off. It gently targets hair follicles with heat, which certainly causes little amount of pain on the skin.

Myth 4: Laser Hair Removal Damages Organs and Causes Cancer

Many people also believe that laser hair removal damages internal organs. That’s primarily because of radiation worries. Thing is, the laser used for such procedure doesn’t carry any radiation dangers, and it only penetrates the topmost layer of the skin. So, it won’t hit any internal organs throughout the process—let alone cause cancer to develop such as those on the skin.

Myth 5: Heat from Household Items can Act as Alternative for Heat from Laser

Laser used for hair removal has been refined for a couple of decades. It has high precision in targeting hair follicles, and it doesn’t merely expose the skin to heat. As a result, it causes no harm to the skin while pinpointing follicles underneath. In other words, household items can’t act as alternatives since they simply emit heat which surely harms the skin.

Myth 6: You can Use any Laser Hair Removal Device and Expect Great Results

Similar to other technological devices, lasers for hair removal have different features, specifications, brands and models. Imitations or fake products exist in the market, as well as there are dangerous poor quality laser devices. Needless to say, you must find authentic and high quality laser devices for best results, without posing harm to your skin.

Myth 7: You can have It Anywhere and Gain Results you want

Only get laser hair removal treatment from accredited centers or dermatologists. This is to make sure that an expert would handle the procedure, with the use of top of the line devices. Yes, it’s more expensive than many other option, but it keeps you safe from start to finish. No worry of unneeded hassles and expenses because of faulty results.

These are only few of the common myths regarding the laser hair removal treatment. If you want deeper and clearer explanation, contact a reputable dermatologist near you. You can also ask them for some recommendations of the right professionals to visit for the procedure.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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