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Is Epilating Better Than Waxing?

In order to decide what is better Waxing or Epilating, there are several tests like epilierer testsieger that you can perform in order to get the best possible answer. Let us begin with both their definitions first.

An epilator is an electrical device that you can use in order to remove hair from their roots. With the help of their little tweezers, these devices are quite capable of removing hair from their roots. The inbuilt tweezers just hold the hair and pull it out of the roots. There are 20 to 100 tweezers in an epilator which makes it much faster and convenient than waxing. Moreover, these epilators are rechargeable devices that you can use for both dry and wet epilation. In their package, you also get several other accessories that you can use in order to get more stuff done with the same epilator device.

While with waxing you use hard or soft wax in the direction of your hair growth and then you remove the wax quickly in order to pull your hair from the roots. Using a good quality wax would make this process much faster as it would only hold the hair, not the skin. With soft wax, we use wax stripes that are made up of cotton or recycled paper. It is also much less painful than hard wax. Hard wax is preferred for coarse hair as it is much more effective and can be pulled off from the edge as soon as it cools down. Waxing also helps in exfoliating the skin as it removed the dead skin during the hair removal process.

What lasts longer?

Both epilating and waxing are equally effective techniques for hair removal as they both remove hair from their roots. Which is why you can not decide what is better based on this factor. Both the process have their own benefits and disadvantages which is why is it purely subjective what you choose depending upon your own preferences and lifestyle.


Any good quality epilator would cost you around 100$ but you have to pay that amount only time. Whereas, with waxing, you will be paying every time you visit the waxing store. Overall, we can say that when you use an epilator you save a lot more as you would not be paying anyone else while as you go to some professional for waxing you have to pay a decent amount of money every time.


As both waxing and epilation work with the same phenomenon both can be equally painful. However, if you are using an epilator you might feel that it is much more painful than waxing if you use shaving or hair removal cream on a regular basis. It is recommended that if you are new to epilation then you should start by waxing your hair and then using an epilation device on it. This way the epilation process would be much less painful.


Epilation is a clear winner in this category. An epilator is a portable device that you can as soon as you plug it in. Whereas as you go for waxing you will be waiting for it to cool down and it is quite a time-consuming process as a small part of the body is covered in wax and then the same process is repeated over and over again.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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