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Hunting for Bargain Beauty Products

Beauty products can be expensive. Especially In today’s economy everyone is watching their pennies. The designer products are great but my empty wallet just can not afford to go there. How does an out-of-work woman, struggling to make ends meet keep herself pretty and soft without breaking the bank? This woman has turned to natural beauty treatments that I can whip up in my kitchen. For the past ten years I use honey, milk and eggs to supplement my beauty regimen. As a result my skin is so soft that my daughters are jealous. I have supple healthy skin tone and condition; even as I grow older my skin is still elastic enough that it rivals my twenty year olds. I use my “secret” beauty supplies to deep condition my hair, moisturize my face and as an all over dry skin quencher for my entire body. Olivia burton is here to guide you towards a right choice.

The products you can buy in beauty supply stores can be very expensive. If you would rather not have to raid the ‘frigerator every morning before you rush off to work, try using the off name brands located in local drug stores. Stores now have comparable ingredients to the costly brands. Check the active ingredients in the cheaper products, more often then not they are the same ingredients used in the name brands. These store brand products are often side by side with the name brand products, therefore; easy to find. I do use a store brand moisturizer due to convenience of use. Sometimes it is just not feasible to beat an egg and combine with honey when you are in a hurry. The cocoa butter based lotion I use after a quick morning shower is only $6.49.

If you are a die hard designer beauty product fan, go ahead. Try buying these pricey products when they are on sale. Go shopping for your favorite products right after Christmas, the leftover gift baskets can be purchased at much cheaper prices. A favorite of mine is Clinique Moisture Surge, I picked my yearly supply of quick application face moisturizer during the after Christmas sale for $32.00, also included in my package deal was eye cream and lip balm. Check places such as TJ Maxx or Mardens; they can sometimes get great deals on your favorite beauty products.

Every year for Christmas and birthday, I ask for and get gift certificates to my favorite spa. I am able to get facials and massages without any cost to me. My spa is upscale and relaxing, not to mention they use amazing beauty products. I make my family happy by actually putting a name on a gift I really want and they no longer suffer at the store when shopping for those oh so special gifts. I am happy because these gifts are exactly what I want, a bit of luxury for my girly side, at the perfect price free.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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