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How To Find The Best Clippers For Men?

Men usually try clipping their hair on their own. It makes them look more professional. This is very common among the men who have a very little white hair. They try clipping only the white hair. They need not go to a saloon for such small things. That is the main reason for them to buy themselves a hair clipper. This is often confused with trimmer. Trimmer often cuts the short and fine hair very close to the skin. It has finer and softer blades. The clipper, on the other hand, can work on thick, long hair.

How to choose the best hair clipper?

  1. Check the motor: There are many different motors. Each motor has its own way of delivering the power and it is hence very important to check this and the power delivered while buying a hair clipper.
  2. Blades: There are many types of blades and they work in different ways. These have to be looked into very finely as they are the part that actually gets in contact with the skin. This is usually made of rust resistant. It is not supposed to corrode and it also has very high wear and tear People usually prefer high-carbon steel blades and they are usually self-sharpening. It is also very easy to maintain. There are also ceramic blades available.
  3. Chorded or not: There are also cordless clippers. These have to be charged and then they can be used without a cord. You can also use batteries in them. The best cordless hair clippers can be very easily ordered online. These 2 have very different working principles and hence you need to decide on which one to choose and buy.
  4. Handling: The one you buy must be very easy to handle for you. It must not be too heavy or too light. They have to be calibrated properly and perfectly. Some come with a perfect grip. Make sure it is made of the best possible material. It should also be robust enough
  5. The length: Different blades and clippers cut different lengths. If you need the results you desire, check the length that the clipper allows and so you will know how it will work. This usually comes with the manufacturer’s specification list. It is very important to check this beforehand. Sometimes, the blade also comes with a comb or a guard at the end. Make sure it is there.

Before buying, make sure to check these with the sheets or the manufacturer. This is not like a trimmer. You don’t usually put foam or anything before you start clipping. It is hence very important to check all the specifications before you buy it. Get a clipper from a good and known brand with good customer reviews. Check the details and follow the instructions. Check the pros and cons. Whatever you read, these are blades that are going to be in contact with your skin. Be extremely careful while using them. Handle it carefully and keep out of reach of pets and children.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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