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How to Fast – Fasting Can Be Wondrous or Dreaded

Fasting is a natural healthy act, and should be practiced regularly for good health. But due to our diet and life style, we have all turned into glucose junkies. Our minds and bodies have forgotten how to fast. We have forgotten how to use our stored fat for energy.


Glucose Addiction

Eating refined processed food results in high glucose levels in the blood stream. These high levels of glucose trigger the pancreas to secrete insulin. As the glucose levels begin to fall back to normal, the pancreas stops pumping insulin into the blood stream. As insulin levels drop this causes hunger and confusion. This whole process takes around two hours. This leads to a falsely perceived need to eat every two hours or so. We have become addicted to carbohydrates.

The insulin spike, caused by eating refined processed foods, also causes fat to stop being burned for energy. This results in the constant storage of fat. We just keep adding on the pounds, while never considering when we might use this stored fuel for energy.

Attempting to fast any length of time under these conditions is painfully difficult.

Kicking the Glucose Addiction and Learning How to Fast

You’ve got to give up the sugar. You’ve got to give up the sugary drinks. You’ve got to give up the refined processed foods. And most importantly, you’ve got to give up storing fat and start burning fat. The story of many sober living houses in nj started with this ideology.

The intense craving you have for these foods is not normal. It’s an addiction. Within just a few days, of refraining from these foods, these cravings go away. Then you are ready to start mini fasting to get your body accustomed to using its stored fuel for energy.

Teaching Your Mind and Body How to Fast

Mini fasting is discribed as, going without food for short periods of time. To get accustomed to fasting, first start out by giving up breakfast. Breakfast is probably the most useless meal of the day.

Then, a few times a week, give up breakfast and lunch. Soon pound of fat will disappear as your body begins using stored fat for energy. As you fast for longer and longer periods of time, without any loss of energy or mental agility, you’ll begin to question the very need for food.

Benefits of Fasting

Fasting has the effect of like rebooting your system to factory settings. The pancreas gets a needed rest. Excess fat in the liver gets used for fuel. Triglycerides in the blood stream are turned into energy. Stored glycogen (stored carbohydrates) and fat are turned into forms the body can use for energy.benefits-fasting

Regular fasting is an important step in keeping a well-tuned, healthy, lean body. To learn more check out Day Fasting.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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