How Post Visibility Increases With The Help Of Buying Instagram Likes

The American based online service, which is famously known for the feature of sharing photos and videos on social media platforms, is Instagram, which is now owned by Face book and was launched in the year 2010. In recent years when we talk about leaders of social media networks, then surely, IG is the clear cut winner of this aspect. Because now, IG has over 1 billion registered users to date, and this is the main reason why Face book has acquired this social media service for more than 1 billion US dollars. The amount of popularity can be calculated from the fact that over 40 billion photos have been posted until the year 2015. And the main reason behind the positive vibe of this service is the variety which they offers to their users like filters on images one can quickly post photos and videos and share their memorable time on social media easily. Read this article to ensure about the fact that how we can use this service in effective and efficient way.

Ways to increase your visibility on Instagram

Optimal posting

the majority of users did not know about the fact that IG runs on an algorithm timeline. Still, with the help of an optimal assignment, one can choose their appropriate time to post their images. And videos, therefore, posting at an accurate time help any user to seek the attention of higher public gathering, which can quickly make them accessible on IG. All we need to do is to accept our Insta profile and tab on the IG app, and in the upper right corner of the chart icon, there will be a particular corner and section to see the activity of our followers. It is one of the easiest and reliable ways to manage Insta profile.

Always prefer experiment

it is rightly said that if we do not take the risk, we cannot get success or move forward, so one should never be afraid to take risks and do an experiment regularly. With their post on this social media service because with the help of regular operations, one can easily attract a massive number of people on their account. Because several studies have disclosed the fact that posts like images or videos which are done with the help of the experiment get more engagement, like comments and views on their post, so this is the main reason why my market and social media experts always suggest that one should experiment on their account to gain popularity in easy way.

Host contest

it is one of the fun activities which help us to increase our overall popularity on social media as if we are having a sound number of followers. And we host different contests regularly or ask questions from them it is a fun way to make sure that our followers stick to our profile for a long time. Therefore, one can also host a giveaway contest, which helps us to generate more attention from a high number of the audience. Although it is a bit expensive for a longer run, there are almost countless plus points of hosting a contest regularly. Therefore, this also helps things to be exciting and fun altogether in positive way.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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