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Have Less Money? Get These Gaming Laptops Under 500 Dollars!

Everyone loves to play games as a recreational activity. Some play them for passing their free time, but some are quite serious about gaming. For those gamers, there are some gaming laptops tailor-made to play the latest games without any hassle. Gaming laptops are quite expensive, and everyone cannot afford it, and seeing this, some companies have launched budget gaming laptops at reasonable rates so that everyone can afford them and enjoy the amazing gaming experience. Lower your budget gets, more difficult it gets to find a good gaming laptop.

Gaming laptops are known for their efficient processor and excellent performance that makes the massive games run smoothly and also prevents the laptops from creating excess heat. There are various gaming laptops available at affordable prices and can also be used for a different day to day purposes other than gaming. If you are looking to buy a gaming laptop under 500 dollars, then you must not expect to be able to run high graphics games as for them, you require high frame rates, and it is not available under this price range. There is a list of top gaming laptops under the price range of 500 dollars; you can check it out to decide according to your needs and requirements.

Top-notch gaming laptops available under 500 dollars price range

Acer aspire 5

Acer is known for its amazing performance and the powerful system it offers at affordable rates. The aspire 5 model of Acer is one of the best gaming laptops then you can get without spending much money. You can easily get it under $500, which makes it the top pick for the gamers with low budget. The shiny silver look makes it look highly expensive and beautiful. If we talk about the power and performance, then you get an i5 processor that’s quad-core and also offers RAM of 8GB for smooth running.

The screen offers full HD display, and the wide size of 15.6 inches along with small bezels make it perfect for playing games. Modern and unique technology has been infused into the screen, which puts less pressure on the eyes and allows you to sit for long hours without facing any trouble. The 256GB SSD makes you tension free regarding the storage capacity and allows you to install the heaviest game along with storing other data. The excellent heat emission system protects it from getting heated quickly, which makes it overall a great deal for 500 dollars.

HP 15t

If you are a game enthusiast, then you must have heard about this laptop as it is quite popular among the gamer because of the great package of features it offers at a highly affordable price. There are some downfalls of this laptop, too, such as 15.6-inch screen that’s getting difficult to see in high lights. The colors are dull and difficult to see. The storage capacity is limited to 256 GB, which is a disappointment for the gamer as they won’t be able to install all their favorite games altogether. This feature may force you to buy an external hard drive, but if we ignore the storage, it is one of the best options available for the middle-class gamers.

It offers you the latest generation processor, the 10th generation i5 processor powered by Intel. The ultra HD 620 graphics gives you a real-time gaming experience. The audio plays a vital role in gaming, and in this laptop, you get amazing audio offers by B&O sound that send you in another universe once you plug in the headphones.

Ideapad S340

It is one of the laptops of the idea pad series of Lenovo. This laptop is tailor-made for light gaming and is available under 500 dollars at your nearest store. It comes packed with all the new features and functions that a gaming laptop should have and offer many more features under the budget of 500 dollars. The sleek and light-weight design makes it easy to carry, and you can play games anywhere you want. The screen has anti-glare properties and comes with a size of 14 inches offering full HD quality. You can install all your favorite games without worrying about the storage as it provides you 1TB HDD along with the SSD of 128 GB.


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