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Hair Loss Prevention for Women

As Oliver Herford has rightly said “A hair in the head is worth two in the brush!” How true, isn’t it? Hair is a valuable ornament for any woman. But only when this ornament loses its shine and starts making us bald, do we realize how important it is.

There are numerous grounds for hair fall. People suffering from hypothyroidism, fungal infestations are prone to hair loss. An excess intake of Vitamin A and birth control pills can also cause hair fall. Other explanations for hair fall are going on a crash diet, hormonal imbalance, radiation treatment for cancer etc. Always consult your doctor to verify whether the prescribed medicines lead to hair fall or not. Actually, our hair falls after every two to three months naturally. It is a cause for concern when this hair fall exceeds the normal level. Here are some guidelines to prevent hair fall and get back your lustrous locks:

1.Limit your intake of Vitamin A: Although our body needs Vitamin A, it should be taken in proper measure. Don’t consume Vitamin A supplements beyond the prescribed dose as it can cause hair fall. Try to incorporate it into your diet. However, doctors suggest a supplement of Vitamin C along with a balanced diet to prevent hair fall.

2.Exercise regularly: Opt for an exercise of your choice like yoga, meditation or aerobics to keep yourself relaxed. This will be useful for your hair too. Change your hair styling after regular intervals so that it does not pressurize the scalp and hair. Restrict the use of hair dryers and hot rollers as the heat generated by them can cause hair fall.

3.Reduce the use of chemicals: If you regularly treat your hair by coloring, straightening or highlighting, keep in mind that the chemicals consisted in this procedure can lead to irritation of the scalp. Similarly, a hot oil head massage does not suit our hair sometime. So limit the number of hair color cycles to prevent hair fall.

4.Use a mild shampoo: Always use mild shampoos and conditioners made for your hair type (dry or oily). Do not rub your hair vigorously while washing as it may loosen the hair roots and make the hair fall out.

5.Oil massage: Mix some drops of rosemary oil to an olive oil base. Massage gently on your scalp. This will invigorate the blood vessels in the scalp and further promote hair growth. This massage has a cooling effect on your scalp. Keep your hair fall in check by doing it regularly. Don’t wait too long if your hair fall is not under control even after practicing the above guidelines. It is recommended that you visit your family physician or a hair specialist for further consultation. He may suggest certain tests or examinations for you to rule out any possibility of a serious hair disease. Also, sometimes there is a need for medication in cases of fungal or ringworm infections, which need to be cured. So what are you waiting for? Follow the tips and have gorgeous hair to envy! You may also try to consult with the doctor at the laser hair removal in Brampton. They have an expertise when it comes to hair loss.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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