Grated Romano Cheese for Quick and Cheap Mouthwatering Meals

In these tight economic times, more people are cooking at home to save money. What many have
found, however, is that unless one plans very carefully, cooking can also be an expensive proposition–
one that, depending upon ingredients, can rival the cost of eating at a restaurant. Thus it is useful to
have some quick and economical ways to make healthy and filling meals. To this purpose, one very
useful ingredient to have on hand is a container of finely grated romano cheese. For just a few dollars
you can keep this ingredient in your refrigerator and use it to enrich any number of foods, turning them
into healthful and filling dishes. It’s even somehow one of the greatest tips for vegan meals today,
especially if you won’t bother about using cheese. Just a couple of tablespoons of this rich grated cheese
can transform any vegetable, noodle or cooked grain into a hearty main dish.

Why use romano, rather than, say parmesan or other cheeses? Romano cheese, though strong, has a
less biting flavor than parmesan. When finely grated it is also less gritty and a bit more powdery than
parmesan and able to form a creamy sauce when mixed with a bit of butter or oil. Why use it instead of
melting American cheese? American cheese, besides being a processed blend of dairy and other
products, is essentially bland. Though it is one of the cheapest of cheese products, you need more of it
to achieve a cheese flavor when mixing into other foods. It is also physically more difficult to blend with
foods. It melts under heat but as it cools off it quickly re-hardens into thick molten almost plastic-like

Other real cheeses, such are cheddar and swiss are expensive and also require some quantity for their
flavor to spread throughout a dish.

Other advantages to having grated romano cheese on hand? Many of the boxed dinners for sale at
supermarkets such as macaroni and cheese, scalloped potatoes and the like, are really just a
combination of basic inexpensive foods: such as pasta or potatoes blended with powdered cheese and
food industry starches and fillers. Many still require you to add your own milk and butter. It is just as
easy, healthier and in some cases, less expensive, to use some of the following methods to create
fresher versions of similar dishes.

Here are some examples of extremely economical dishes which are made substantial by the use of
romano cheese.

1) Macaroni or Pasta and Romano Cheese: Boil and drain macaroni or pasta. Add a tablespoon of butter
and several tablespoons of grated romano cheese and toss.

1) Creamy Romano Spinach: A package of frozen spinach that would feed two adults can cost one to two
dollars. Cook and drain the spinach, being sure to press out all remaining water. While it is still hot, toss
with a half a teaspoon of butter and a teaspoon of olive oil. Toss and with two-three tablespoons of
grated romano cheese until creamy. A shake of garlic powder is optional depending on your taste

3) Cheesy Baked Potato: Bake or microwave a potato. Split open and mash the center with a fork. Add a
it or butter and a teaspoon of grated romano cheese.

4) Cheesy Broccoli: Cut fresh broccoli into small pieces. Microwave till still softened though still bright
green. While still hot, toss with some olive oil, a small bit of butter and several tablespoons of grated
romano cheese.

5) Acorn Squash a la Romano: Split and microwave. Remove seeds and mash the squash with a fork. Mix
butter, garlic powder, a bit of paprika and grated romano cheese and return to microwave to reheat, or
broil quickly to brown the top.

All of these dishes will be made hearty and filling as a result of the use of romano cheese– yet all cost no
more that a couple of dollars to feed two adults.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.
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