Giving A Ride from the Airport

You have to go to the airport to pick someone up. Whether you’re picking up family, friends, or a business associate, performing this checklist will give a positive first impression and will start their visit off on the right foot.

Be it Seatac Airport in Seattle or JFK International in New York, checklist is of utmost importance and will help in creating wonders and personal and professional bonds that are cemented will serve in creating various breakthroughs with a good dressing sense being an added bonus in the mixture which will only make things better and better.

  1. Clean your trunk

Making space for luggage might seem pretty obvious. The variable is: how much luggage are they bringing? If you have no idea how many bags the traveler is bringing, it’s best to plan for the worst and go to the airport with the maximum space possible. The cleanliness of your trunk is also important. Mixing someone’s personal items with a hot mess of random car fluids and other greasy stuff is unacceptable. Organize and separate essential fluids so your visitor doesn’t have to worry about getting oil on their luggage.

  1. Clean the interior too

The inside of your car will be one of the first places your guest will sit since being on a crowded plane for the last number of hours. Naturally, you should want them to be comfortable during the trip from the airport to the next destination. If there is trash on the floor, papers on the seat, and other random items strewn about the inside of your ride, it can make your visitor feel somewhat claustrophobic. You don’t need to detail your car, but at least make the inside look as spacious as possible.

  1. Bring a drink and snacks

Drinks and snacks at the airport are ridiculously overpriced. It may not mean much to your guest to part with a couple of bucks to satisfy their craving, but they will appreciate your thoughtfulness if you bring them some snacks and a thirst-quenching drink. Bring something for their breath too, like gum or mints. Even quick hops often include a long wait in lines to check-in baggage and pass through security, followed by more waiting in the baggage claim area. A small bag of chips and a sports drink will likely hit the spot for those traveling even the shortest distances.

  1. Bring local currency (international travelers)

Exchange rates at the airport are usually a rip-off. Since you probably do not know who your visitor banks with, you cannot be sure the ATM at the airport will take their card. Be a hospitable host and bring some local currency to hold them over until they can get a proper exchange somewhere.

  1. Have a flexible game plan

There is no telling how hungry, tired, or clean your guest will be. They might get off the plane feeling fresh and want to go out to dinner or grab a drink. Be prepared and have a couple of restaurants in mind before you head to the airport. On the other hand, they might want to get a shower first or head straight to the bed and call it a night. Don’t pressure them to go anywhere. Make them feel at ease by letting them know you are flexible and if they want to lie down for a while, so be it.

No matter who you are picking up from the airport, your attitude sets the tone for their trip. If you are clean, hospitable, and flexible, it will give your guest a good first impression and might even make them forget about any bad experiences they might have had on the flight.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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