Ford Cars- The Best Shocks for Brand 150

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes that are quite varied from each other depending upon preference. While some may prefer coffee to tea, others may discard both and stick to milk.

There is nothing wrong with that as we all are entitled to our opinion and nothing that anyone can say bad things about it can change our liking for it as it has been seen that some people disregard others’ point of view and want to see things in the light that suits them and refusing to register what they don’t want to see.

When it comes to cars, the preferences become more diversified than ever due to many models of different size, shape and color making the difference huge that it is nearly impossible to choose one among the many in existence.

Of course, the budget constraints may not allow you to buy the best model in town and you will have no choice but to settle with the one that is passable or completely second hand, irrespective of what others might think or say.

Overzealous people must understand the fine line between preference and budget as both normally don’t go hand in hand because they don’t see eye to eye and it is the common man who has to bear the brunt of inflation and refrain from buying expensive things.

Shock Treatment

When was the last time when you were unfortunate enough to experience something shocking that it sent shivers down your spine? Naturally, in today’s world, there are ample opportunities where you can see or hear things that can shock you and if you haven’t experienced it yet, trust me, you will do so someday, given the tense circumstances.

However, in the context of cars, shock is something entirely different and has no connection to the emotions that we feel when we are shocked. The shock absorber is a unique device that is hydraulic in nature and has the capacity to absorb impulses from shocks in car, which are triggered with sudden acceleration.

We all have studied physics in our childhood and are therefore aware that it requires kinetic energy for a vehicle to move from one place to another at constant speed and the shock converts it into heat energy, which is soon evaporated into oblivion.

Shock absorbers are found in the form of dashpots, through which they are also known as dampers.


While ford is not exactly the first preference for Americans when it comes to cars, it still does fall in budget for the average middle class guy and this model would also require shock absorbers from time to time for various circumstances.

However, due to ford being such an old model, it has normally been found that most shock absorbers are not able to go through such vehicles when it comes to tackling shocks caused by bumps on the road.

While you can carry your regular f150 shocks kit along with you on a drive, it can be of little help as the moment you drive on a highway, there is a possibility (read probability) that you would have oil leaking from the shaft or rod.

Choosing Shocks

Therefore, it is important for you to choose the right shocks for your f150 model as that will help you to avoid unnecessary mishaps and accident on the road.

You can start with getting rid of worn out or failed shock absorbers in your kit but first of all, you need to identify them and this is how you do it:

  1. If your vehicle continues to bounce every now and then on the front or in the rear bumper, then it is riding only through the coil springs where there is no dampening by the shock absorber
  2. If the mounts are cracked or broken, get rid of them without thinking twice as they are useless
  3. In case the shock appears sticky, then be assured that the internals are in very poor conditions

Important shocks for f150:

  1. Bilstein 4600 can outlast for a longer period of time
  2. Monomax are good for factory replacement shock absorbers
  3. Monroe Reflex are the best of the lot as any vehicle can be picked up and heavy loads near the rear can be handled easily


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.
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