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Fishing Themed Ideas for Birthday Parties

Fishing parties can never be out to date. You can organize this type of party for all ages, whether for the first birthday or for dads. This can also be perfect to be like the verjaardagscadeau papa to his little one that looks up to him as they will have more bonding time as father and son. For a dad who loves fishing, the son will eventually enhance his interest on what daddy loves and he can tag along with him whenever he’s going out fishing. Kids will definitely love this fishing themed party. Start with a fishing themed invitation that you will give to the guest before the day of the party itself. You can get DIY materials or just have it printed.

Here are some ideas for a fishing themed party:

  1. Little Outdoorsman Fishing Party

If you’re looking for a brunch kind of celebration, this is the perfect party for you. This is appealing to out-going people because the table will be covered with tree branches, outdoor lanterns and gorgeous bird feathers. This party will be full of natural textures and rustic elements. Also decorate the table with fishes and other food.

  1. Under the Seas

This is a colorful and cute birthday celebration that features greens and blues with a beautiful mix of creatures from the sea. This is an ocean themed party that can truly be fun and enjoyable. You can hang sea horses and other sea creatures in the tree branches, just make you decorate them well too.

  1. Customer Vintage Fishing Party

You have to be more creative with this kind of party. You can make peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches, sweets that are shaped as speedboats, wiggly worm cups and a bait shop made of cardboard. With this kind of party, your kids can do role plays as if they’re really fishing.

  1. Boy Bash Vintage Fishing Party

This fishing party was brilliantly made on a budget with hook, sinker and line. There are painted lantern stores, oversized bobbers and a tackle box that is handmade and colorful. This has a rustic and masculine design that is made for an awesome party.

  1. Gone Fishing Party

With orange and blue color scheme, it makes the party bright and fun. Cake comes with a boy who is fishing as the cake topper that is also surrounded with blue and orange fishes. You can also make boats made of cardboard.

  1. Rainbow Fish Party

Rainbow fish party is the kind of party that is colorful in its decorations as well as the food. There will be fishing themed games and activities in this kind of party that both kids and adults will enjoy. Your guests should enjoy the jello jelly fish, deep blue sea juice and other games that is associated with the under the sea theme. Setup your table with colorful cloth and decorate it with colorful foods that are also associated with the fishing theme.

There are also available customized cakes in the market that you can order for the fishing party. Choose whatever suits the birthday celebrant. Make sure that the celebrant will love what party is instore for him. You can also do some handmade crafts that are associated with fishing. This will be more special as you put efforts on making some decors for the party. It will surely be appreciated by the celebrant.

You might also want to check out some fishing costumes for your little ones. You can find costumes in malls or online. If you want, you can also try and make a costume on your own.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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