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Female Fitness Models- Modern Outlook Of Feminism

When it comes to the discussion of boys vs girls, do expect some fireworks from both sides and a great deal of abuse from their supporters who are always looking for an excuse to create ruckus. 

There is a fine line of difference between competition and rivalry but this is a topic that has a bit of both with each side leaving no stone unturned in proving to be superior to the other. 

Gone are the days when women were considered as mere doormats to men and the patriarchal dominance over the society is slowly dying out and women are no longer subjected to physical and emotional tyranny as was prevalent in the olden times. 

Today, women have risen from being the proverbial, docile housewife who always considered her husband  greater than god into a wonder woman type lady with many of them being CEOs in reputed business organizations and handling professions as varied as doctor, engineering, science, politics, legal, judiciary and so many more. 

However, this is not much of interest to the general public who are more into the field of movies and entertainment so therefore it is the film stars and celebrities who enjoy untold popularity among the common folks as they can understand and relate to it better. 

Fitness Freaks 

You can find numerous examples among women who are leading in the fitness arena today by being prime inspirations for young girls, who are not just content to look beautiful and attractive but would also prefer to be strong on the outside with a muscular physique. 

Girls, right from adolescence, are into fitness modeling as they find it a job that has bright prospects to take up as a career in the future, but most of them give up after the initial stages as they are unable to cope with the pressure and strenuous duties that are required from a fashion model. 

It is necessary that first they should utilize a fair amount of time in the gym and sweat it out to get the desired results before plunging into the world of modeling. Certain exercises like push-ups and weight lifting are a good way to begin and while professionals make it look simple and effortless, for beginners it is a complete fiasco as they start considering themselves as fitness freaks. 

Social Media- A Good Marketing Tool 

For women, becoming a fitness model is not that easy as they would need to come under the eye of reputed modeling agencies and production houses. So first they need to be discovered and what better medium than social media to help them out in this regard. 

They can post their pictures on facebook and instagram and start contacting reliable sources who can put in a good word and this trend has indeed become a popular practice today among various budding models. 

How To Become Models 

  1. The first step is to keep in shape and it can be done so by eating healthy and nutritious food that comprise of fruits, vegetables, rice, bread and egg white. Make up a time table that contain workout plans for each day of the week and adhere to it diligently 
  2. For cardio, do tread mill for about an hour and then move onto cycling as that would help in burning calories and fat 
  3. Regularly watch modeling videos on youtube and practice it out at home and out in the open in order to get the gist of it all 


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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