Eight Premium Family Dog Breeds Which We Have Never Heard

The dog is a breed which is unique for everyone, and there are many strong reasons why there is so much of love for this creature of God. Without any doubt, a dog is an animal which has the greatest love in the heart for everyone, and the dog is an animal which is called as human’s best friend because of the loyalty and factor which this animal has is unmatchable.

The United States of America is known to a haven for dogs as they have the best dog culture in the entire world and this article we will discuss significant breeds of dogs which have unheard. They have one of the best features in the world as a whole, and lets’ discuss some of them and throw a highlighting strike on these beautiful creatures.

Here are some of the best dogs which are unheard of

Mastiff- a gentle giant which can weight upto 190 pounds till three years and this is why it is considered to be one of the best giant dogs. And the size and cuteness of this dog make sure that there is massive public gathering near them all the time and this is why many of the dog shows make sure that they have this dog in their yard so that public can give them handsome money to watch and meet this particular dog. Usually, dogs do not prefer this dog as their pet because their diet is high, and it can easily dig our pocket.

Otterhound- if the person wants to see the replica of Disney live dog then they can take the services of this dog, and it is a dog which is rare around the world, and this is the main reason why there are only 600 dogs in the world. They are an excellent looking dog which has a double as well as the triple coating on their body, which makes it more soft and reliable to play. They have fresh blood, and this ensures the fact that there is no dispute because of this dog. Adding on this dog need extra care and supervision because of their furs and tendency to get ill at a healthy and lower level. Therefore this is the main reason this dog is not famous around the world as there is lots of hair fall which happens, and this is the main reason why people are staying away from this dog.

Pug- a synonym of world cuteness is this particular bread one of the smallest and laziest breed in the entire world is a pug. Without any doubt, this breed of dog is the best family dog because pug is the animal which makes sure that there is happiness in the entire family as they love to spread love and joy among the person around them. And they are also less demanding they are one of the best and cutest dogs which are present in this world right now. However, if we talk about their life span than without any doubt it is small because of their compact heart, and many of them don’t make them as their pet just because of this aspect but when it comes to smartest and well-trained dog then surely pug is the breed which can be easily top the entire world. The brain of the pug is healthy, and many of us do not know about the fact that it has the best mind from their alternatives.

Rottweiler- the dog with one of the saddest reputations in world and industry of dogs and there is a myth that this dog is one of the deadliest and mad dogs and they always give harm to people and the person who feeds them. Therefore it is not true they are the dog which has one of the most influential bite forces, but when they are cared and loved appropriately then these dogs turn to be one of the best guard dogs for any home, and they also love small children and love to pamper them as well. As they are working breed and they do not want to stay idle all they want is an activity regularly.

Bull terrier- the animal which portrays their name exact opposite from their reputation as it includes terror in its name but it not correct this dog is one of the best and most loved dogs in the entire world. And they love to share their time with their loved ones and go on long walks with family and sit in the park and relax they are one of the quickest and fastest dogs in the entire world because they are highly competitive dogs. They are born trained, and this is the main reason why people always keep a distance from this dog as it has a massive diet.

Dalmatian- it has a negative reputation for being wrong with children’s and can throw a negative thing on many of small child. Still, this thing stayed for little time as the WHO of US told the world that the dog has no harm or any deadly virus which can bring any damage to any person as they are little warm-blooded and start to gain anger on the short span. Still, if the animal is in a happy place and is appropriately cared, then there is no doubt the dog will be one of the best and most beautiful friends for any of the owner. As these dogs are known to be one of the most beautiful breeds in the world, but there are many robust ways which make sure that this dog is not a family dog. And majorly this is why the dog is used by almost an army of every country as they have skills for searching for new things. And has the best nose in the world also this is the massive reason many bomb squads always take the services of this dog.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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