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Drug Rehabilitation – Everything You Need To Know!

Drug addiction is one of the burgeoning problems in the world. Most of the youngsters are getting clutched in the hands of drugs and destroying their lives. Substance addiction is immensely for your health and can even make you lose your life. It is an almost impossible task to get rid of the drug addiction at your own that’s why various drug rehabilitation centers have opened up in different parts of the world to treat the problems related to drug addiction efficiently. Most of the center uses effective drug rehab marketing strategies to spread their center to a vast platform and offer their service to maximum people.

Most of the people are skeptical about the treatment rehab centers use to eradicate the dependency of the person on the drug. There are various programs and techniques used by the rehab center to lower the substance dependency of the patient. Each patient has a different condition and requires a program that fit perfectly to his needs. There are varying treatments focusing on various aspects and altogether helping the person to get over the drug addiction. There are different phases of the drug rehabilitation treatment, and each phase is made for a different purpose.

Different aspects of an effective drug rehabilitation treatment

Drug rehab is a long process as it takes time to lower the urge to consume the drug and reducing the substance dependency of the person. There various phases of treatment, and each phase has multiple programs focusing on different imperative areas.

The first phase – Admission

The first phase or step is when the person gets a rehab program and a team of doctors examine his body deeply and formulate a treatment program suitable for his condition. The first phase has various different parts serving different purposes.

Assessment process

It is the first process of a rehab center and is also necessary for drug rehab marketing and makes more people aware of the treatments. In this phase, the patient gets to meet the doctors, and they discuss the problem to find the most effective program. It is don’t to formulate a tailor-made treatment plan for the patient that fits perfectly to his condition and can offer him the quickest and the best results. Assessment involves some essential body checkups and an in-depth psychological assessment to understand the mental health of the person better.

Some data related to past drug abuse, family background, and fund arrangements are gathered. The overall assessment helps to offer the best treatment for the best results.

The second phase – Detoxification

Some addictive substance remains in the body when a person has been consuming it form a long time. To clean the body properly, detox is necessary before starting the treatment. It is considered as one of the most challenging parts of the rehab as the patient faces a lot of mental and physical problems. The rehab center keeps keen supervision on the patient during this time to ensure his safety. Patients are likely to suffer from strong withdrawal syndromes and the urge to consume drugs. Sometimes they even need to give some medicines to curb their urges in case of addiction to specific drugs such as cocaine, heroin, etc.

Detoxification under medical supervision

Detox is a crucial and critical process because of which the patient is deeply examined before the detox begins to be aware of all the possible withdrawal syndromes and be prepared to handle them efficiently. Suitable medical treatments are also given to the person to lower the risks of these withdrawal syndromes. The treatment may vary according to the kind of drug addiction. Most of the patients fear detox because of the risk of withdrawal, and to avoid this, there are professionals who guide you throughout the process and keeps you motivated and focused.

The fourth phase- Focusing on long term grind

Once the detox is completed, you are halfway down, which takes you to the main rehabilitation program. It helps you to examine yourself and find out the root cause that made you an addict and overcome that reason. There are various treatments available, and you need to understand all to choose the best out of them.

Inpatient treatment

In this type of treatment, the patient is kept in the center under 24-hour supervision; it is usually done to keep the patient away from the environment that induces him to consume the drug. It helps him to focus and overcome his drug abuse disorder.

Outpatient treatment

It is the best treatment for people who have a light addiction and cannot stay in the center for the whole day. It allows them to visit the center and continue their treatment regularly. This treatment is not recommended for patients with long term and severe addiction as they need 24 hours surveillance.

Last phase – Aftercare and recovery

It is the last phase after the drug rehab treatment and involves different group sessions and discussions, which keeps the patients on track and prevents them from getting addicted once again. The rehab program ends within a specific time, but the recovery phase goes on for a longer time as a person who has recently gone through rehab has more risk of the withdrawal.

Follow-up programs

There are some rehab centers that offer follow-up programs that are beneficial for the patients and an integral part of their drug rehab program. Under this, they keep track of the patient and offering him regular counseling sessions.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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