Downloading Quality Music

With so many online music streaming services it can be a little confusing where to download your favorite tracks from. As finding and downloading music shouldn’t be an expensive experience. Not only that many artists prefer to make their work available for download for free.

Here’s a list of best quality music provider and these apps also lets you download your favorite audio files as well.

  • Soundcloud

Soundcloud is an excellent place to discover and download high quality free music. They have a brilliant tracking and searching system which makes it easier to search and download your choice of song. Although all the tracks are not available for free but you still get a larger number of songs to choose from.

When you find your choice, if track you get to see various sharing option and a link which can be used either to buy or download the track depending on how the artist has chosen to distribute his/her track.

As you download mp3 from soundcloud you automatically start following the artist as well so that you get all their latest updates. You can also unfollow the artist anytime you feel like.

There are several web apps that can help you with downloading as well. You can convert your desired music files from soundcloud to mp3 format.

  • fm is also one of the renowned music streaming services that provide tracks to download for free. You can find the download section at the bottom of the homepage. This music stream app provides a great range of songs from well-known artists as well as upcoming artists.

However there is no way to filter the downloadable songs from the lot, which might a little too much work for some of the users. But as you go through the section you can always find something new.

  • NoiseTrade

It is one of the most creative and interesting app out there in the market. You can get all the downloadable music and e-books in trade of your email and postal code which is used for the distribution of newsletters. This also allows the artists to locate their fan base.

The UI is really clean and simple allowing you to discover your favorite type of music easily. As this app is free for musicians you can give tips to your favorite artists as well and further support them.

  • Jamendo music

Jamendo is all about connecting artists with their fans. Users can enjoy new tracks and music which gives the musicians a platform to expand their reach.

The themes radio stations is one of the easiest and quickest way to find the music you like. You just have to sign up with the app in order to use features like track skipping. But you can still download and listen to music without signing up.

This apps also enables you to use music tracks in videos. Although that comes under the price of 9.99$ and all the licensing details are there on the app.

  • Bandcamp

Bandcamp is an app mainly for independent artists and small labels as it provides them a platform to share their music and earn money from them. It is however option to the artist if he wants his music to be free or paid.

The UI is really simple and easy to use enabling you to search for your type of music.

All these apps offer music download in mp3 format which is compatible with almost every device.



Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.
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