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Don’t Try the Easy Feet Sandal Massaging Foot Scrubber If You Have Ticklish Feet

I am a local consumer advocate that will always be interested in new products and if they are worth the time and money. My friends know that I am too poor to be cheap.

The talk at the water cooler, where I work, has been about the effective advertising for the Easy Feet Sandal. Everyone wanted to try one.

The Easy Feet Sandal Massaging Shower Foot Scrubber claims an easier way to make your feet squeaky clean in the shower. Those claims include a pedicure massage to the feet. This product looks like a sandal that comes with suction cups for the shower wall or tub flooring. It has bristles on the top and bottom for easy scrubbing of your foot. There is a pumice stone for exfoliating that is located at the heel.

The package only has one sandal. After preparing the shower wall or tub floor free of dirt or soap scum, the sandal adheres to the surface with suction cups. Simply pour liquid soap on the sandal and insert your foot.

The bristles are soft enough and sturdy to clean your foot as you use a back and forth motion into the sandal. No bending down to clean your feet or get a foot massage in the shower.

The following are compiled reviews from my co-workers, as we attempted to advocate or warn others of this product that tempted us on television.

Do not buy this product if you have ticklish feet. You will experience more torture than enjoyment.

If you have disabilities or severe arthritis, it would be best to use this product while you are stabilized or supported. If you are fortunate enough to use a shower chair, that would be the safest way to use and enjoy this product.

The sandal is large enough to be called, “one size fits all”. Both men and women were able to use this product with ease and comfort.

The suction cups do not work on fiberglass shower floors. The alternative is to secure the sandal on the wall and enjoy the product as you are taking a bath. I personally did not enjoy my bath trying to use this product on the wall. For the suction cups to work and keep the sandal stabilized, I got to experience the equivalent of several aquanaut positions that actually gave me leg cramps as I attempted to keep myself from drowning in my own bathtub.

After several weeks of using the Easy Feet Scrubber, the suction cups eventually broke. Out of ten purchases, there were six reports of broken suction cups after using the product at least ten weeks. The bristles did not break during this review time, but they did wear down and eventually were not as effective for massaging and cleaning.

Finally, please do not purchase this product from their website or call to order from the toll-free phone number. Complaints of overcharging, paying for services not requested, and receiving an abundance of advertising from the company are the major problems we experienced.

If you face any problem as you use these slippers you can get in touch with your podiatry specialist that will help you with that.  And for billing services, there are Podiatry Billing Services reviews, that you can read and decide for yourself which billing service is best and is offering you the best services. 

Purchasing this product from a reputable, local store will ensure a lower cost. Further cost reduction can be made using the store chain coupons and you will receive better customer service. You can see the product you will be purchasing and you can return it, if not satisfied.

All in all, this is a great concept. Who would not like to have their feet easily washed and massaged while taking a shower? Even though the product eventually breaks or wears out within 90 days of daily use, it is worth the $9.99 (Walgreens and Walmart) or even less (Bath, Body amp; Beyond with their 20% off coupon).


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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