Diy Survival Gear Projects Worth Building

A survival gear is a set of basic tools and supplies that you prepare in advance as an aid to survival in case of emergency. As these gear might be really expensive, these survival gears might be that best options for you that is out there.

Here is the list of survival gear DIY projects that are worth your time:

  1. DIY Fire-starter

There are many ways to start a fire. As experiences survivalists know how to start a fire in many ways. You can basically use a BIC lighter along with a paper or something challenging such a starting fire through friction by rubbing two wooden sticks together.

With this fire starter you can easily start a fire own your own.

A jar of petroleum jelly, some cotton balls and a Zip-lock baggie is all you need.

You put some petroleum jelly inside the zip-lock baggie along with some cotton ball with it. Now gently rub the cotton ball around so that they get soaked with petroleum jelly on them.  Make sure you do not overdo this with the jelly or else it will get really difficult to light them.  Fold the zip-lock baggie up and you are ready to go on your adventure.

  1. Personal water filter

There are several water filters out there and you should get yourself one as soon as possible. But just in case, you can use this DIY method.

All you need is an empty water bottle, stones and a piece of cloth.

You just have to fill the bottle with stones and then cover it with the cloth. Thereafter you can pour water from one side of the bottle and the filtered water get out from the other side of it. Just to be sure of the quality you can boil the water as well.

  1. DIY Rocket stove

In its basic design the stove has a chimney connecting to the vent, an air-intake and a combustion chamber.  You can create you stove with several types of tools and boxes as well. Since it is one of the essential survival tools you should definitely invest some time on it.

  1. Cordage from a Bottle

This is one of the most interesting DIY projects that is out there. Having a para cord-rope, or any kind of rope is really necessary for your survival kit.

Using plastic bottles for creating a cordage with the help of your knife is seriously one of the easiest ways to get a rope in case of emergencies.

  1. DIY survival slingshot

A slingshot is really one of the best survival weapons in case of emergencies. You can literally build yourself a slingshot from scratch in just a few minutes. All you need is a V-shaped wooden stick and a band of rubber and you are ready to go with your own slingshot that is really cheap and useful as well.

  1. DIY Fishing kit

It is really important that you get food out there in the wild. You can build yourself a fishing kit with the help of a cylindrical tube and get yourself a fish in no time.

  1. DIY survival knife

You can make yourself a knife with the help of a grinder, a metal piece and some para cord ropes. All you need to do is grind the metal into a desired shape and wrap the cord around the handle. It may not as tough as a professional knife but will surely help you with your survival.

  1. DIY Bow and arrow

This is another easy way of creating yourself a survival weapon. You just need a flexible piece of wood and a rope. You can sharpen your arrows as much as you like as well.

  1. DIY Spear/stick

Just sharpen the edges of a strong and sturdy stick and you are ready with you weapon. The spear is a mid-range weapon that is going to keep you safe in case any wild animal attacks.

  1. DIY solar charger

You can make your own solar charger with the some help as well although this is one of the complex DIY projects. But as you make yourself a solar charger you can get help ASAP in case of emergencies and you can charge your devices as well until the rescue team arrives.

  1. DIY ranger bands

You can create ranger band with the help of cycle tires assuming that the rubber is still stretchable and have some elasticity in it. These and are really going to help you in your survival as well.

You can check prepper readiness for more and detailed information about these DIY projects as well.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.
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