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Different Types Of Tv Aerials

Do you know what TV aerials are? Have you ever noticed while walking on the street, there are different types of antennas and aerials are installed on the roof tops which are these aerials? There are many people who are thinking to install these aerials in their home also. In the further mentioned paragraphs, we will talk about some different types of TV aerials. The guide will help an individual to take the decision regarding which one will suit his home and which one should buy according to their requirements. Any people are there who are asking for how is project free tv legal will get done. If you also want to know about it then asking the cable operators will be the best option.


Here are some types of TV aerials are mentioned below, and those aerials are:-

Yagi TV aerials

These yagi TV aerials are those aerials which are most popular among people, and people are mostly familiar with these aerials. The yagi ones can look different manufactured by different manufacturers and by their different models. The long rod is the length of the aerial which is known as the boom. There are some small elements present on the long rod which are the conductive elements use to catch the radio waves in the aerial. The smaller and closer elements are present on the rod, the much higher frequency it will catch.

Log periodic aerials

The periodic log aerials are the most popular aerials among people who are in demand, and everyone prefers for it. The periodic log aerials do not work as the yagi ones do. The periodic log aerial has small conducted elements on it at the right angles. These small elements are made with the perfect size and having perfect spacing between the elements. There is no any dipole or back reflector is present on the aerials because it does not need them.

High gain aerials

The high gain aerials are made with having the purpose of getting the increased signal strength which will be received from the transmitter. The yagi and periodic log aerials are also good at its working, but this is the type which delivers more signal strength. The high gain aerial has a large back reflector for working ad it has the longest model too which is connected to the boom. The high gain aerial which is not having the separate boom arm, it needs to set up at the top mast.

X type aerial

 It is the most common type of high gain aerial which is installed and known as the X type aerials. As this aerial has several dipoles which are parallel made in the shape of X. There are many designs that are available for the x type aerials which are having 100 elements.

Now when it comes to making the selection for one type of TV aerial then look on these all types and matches them with your requirements. The one which will suit the best to the working, one should choose that one also.


Paola Garcia lives in Jakarta Indonesia. She is an associate professor in University of Indonesia and also managing Scoopinion at the same time. She is also fond of watching theatrical plays.

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