Credit Card Management Services

Credit Cards are an extremely useful innovation. They have revolutionized the shopping and you are not required to carry the burden of cash. However, the credit cards have a downside that one faces once he is unable to pay the loan.

The high rates of interest on credit cards are a discouraging feature and one needs the help of experts to pay back this loan with minimum penalty. Credit Card Management service is a company that provides expert counseling in this regard.

Credit Card Management Service

Credit Card Management Services is also known as It is an IRS approved, Non-Profit Florida Corporation. It has been serving its clients since 1996. This is an ISO: 9001 Certified Company and is striving to provide customer education and counseling.

Standing of the Credit Card Management Services
Credit Card Management Services ensures that their clients receive the highest level of quality debt management services. These services are governed by the company’s code of conduct and best practices. The company also has numerous honors and certifications to be proud of. These awards and rewards reflect the sincerity and the care extended to its costumers.

Affiliated Companies Of Credit Card Management Services
The company is also a proud member of the following groups and societies:

  1. AICCA: the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies
  2. AADMO: the American Association of Debt Management Organizations
  3. Florida Housing Coalition
  4. NCHA: National Housing Counseling Association
  5. Southeast Florida Better Business Bureau
  6. NISHEC: National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education Counseling

Credit Card Management’s Business
The company has helped guide tens of thousands of people out of financial difficulty. It has been assisting them through education and professional counseling on solving difficulties of debt.

Client Relations
The company has Certified Personal Finance Counselors (CPFC) who work very hard to get to the root cause of their client’s problems. All this is done to seek the best possible solution and help their costumer in solving their problem. Credit Card Management is also a partner of Florida Housing Finance Corporation.

Education and Counseling
The company offers education and counseling on:

  1. Reverse Mortgage Counseling (HECM)
  2. Foreclosure Counseling
  3. Budgeting and Spending Plans
  4. Debt Management Programs
  5. Consolidation Programs
  6. First Time Homebuyers Educational Courses
  7. HUD Approved Comprehensive Housing Counseling

The company is a native of the West Palm Beach. It is located on the Okeechobee Boulevard in the West Palm Beach.

Company Contact
The company is a native of the West Palm Beach. It is located on the Okeechobee Boulevard in the West Palm Beach. The company can be contacted by following means:-

Phone: 1-800-920-2262/ 561-472-8000

Fax: 1-866-561-2622/561-844-0406



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